Thursday, July 22, 2010

41 Week Highlights.

Because Sarah asked. And no, Easton Corbin is NOT a name consideration. I like him as a singer.

41 Week Pregnancy Highlights
How far along: Forty-one weeks. Woo, I'm tired from just typing that.
How big is baby: According to the two ultrasounds we have had in the last week, over eight pounds, probably closer to nine. And this might actually be true...the skin on my stomach is shiny from being stretched so much.
Weight gain/loss: They really have stopped telling me! But by my estimation, 43 pounds. Let's hope some of that is water.
Maternity clothes: Everything looks ridiculous these days. Even maternity dresses have lopsided hems when I put them on.
Stretch marks: A couple of them have broken blood vessels in them, I think they're done with being pregnant too:)
Sleep: Not so great. And oddly enough the baby really isn't the cause. It's the joints. If I don't move/stretch/waddle around at least once an hour I get super stiff. Makes trying to roll over after sleeping for three hours really difficult.
Best Moment of the Week: Knowing that he is okay in there! Ultrasounds are such a positive affirmation.
Movement: Much shorter than last week...he's getting cramped.
Food Cravings: We had french toast for dinner last night...and o.m.g I LOVE french toast! Why don't we eat it every day?
Gender: Dude.
Labor Signs: Nada, just a few braxton hicks. Dangit.
Belly button in or out:When I have a braxton hick, its the only thing that doesn't contract. Very weird sensation.
What I am Looking Forward too: He'll be an outside baby in less than a week! Woot! Woot!
Daddy: He has been stocking up on sleep this week...getting eight or nine hours a night. Boy, is he in for a surprise once the little guy gets here or what?

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