Saturday, July 31, 2010

Want some free Starbucks?

Just have a baby!

On the way home from Otto's appointment with the pediatrician, I spotted a Starbucks across the street. Now, I haven't had coffee since last September. That's a long time. A really long time. So we stopped. Otto was still a little aggravated from having to put his clothes back on, and I'm not ready to take him into public restaurant, so he and Chris stayed with the car. In fact they danced outside the car, enjoying the sun while I ran inside. (Almost ran, I'm getting faster all the time!)

The barista, a over the top friendly type, ask how I was. I replied I was fantastic and so excited about my order. I explained I hadn't had coffee in months because I had just had a baby. He looked shocked, people aren't supposed to live without coffee! He gave me my coffee on the house as a congratulations/welcome back present!

Free coffee tastes better!

Friday, July 30, 2010

First Visit to the Pediatrician

Yesterday morning we had a weight check scheduled at the pediatricians. Did we actually go in the morning? No. We went in the afternoon. Because we slept through the alarm. I even heard the silly thing but had no idea what it meant. Chris said that he tried to wake me up but I didn't respond before he fell back to sleep. He was holding Otto and couldn't reach the alarm to turn it off, so it went off for at least ten minutes. And we all slept through it. Felt terrific when we finally did wake up though:) When I called, horrified about being a bad parent and missing my child's first appointment, the receptionist actually laughed. Apparently this has happened before.

Otto is doing great. He weighed 8 pounds 5.5 ounces, exactly what he weighed the night before leaving the hospital, so he has stopped loosing ground. His color is much better; less of a carrot every day! We discussed the issue that he is having with his suck/swallow reflex (The reason he is sleeping upright on our chests at night. Consistent breathing is important!)--the pediatrician believes it is probably an dis-coordination between the muscles and he will outgrow it in about six weeks. If it is a true reflux issue, he should overcome it by about eight months. For his sake, I hope its the former.

As for me, I'm down about 18 pounds. That leaves about 25 to go. (See? Told you guys it wasn't all baby!) Breast feeding better be the miracle drug everyone claims it is. The belly button is still out and I am learning that sleep is optional at this point. And the road map of stretch marks? Even scarier deflated. But so worth it:)

Oh yes, and the milk has come in with force. Yesterday it tried to kill me, but I think I might have won. Double layered sports bras with frozen foods in the middle, works like a charm.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Naked Baby!

Otto has been a little orange from jaundice, so he has been getting daily sun baths on the balcony. The first was right after getting home from the hospital. We headed straight outside after getting home and Otto and I cuddled in the rocking chair for about twenty minutes.
Out on the balcony
Abbey, Chris really loved his outfit. (And so did I!) Thank you for making it for us!
Stretching his big, but oh so little feet!
Fist pump for being naked!
This little guy loves to be outside and really loves being naked. If he is fussy, just strip him down and head to the porch, does the trick every time:)
By the time we came back inside my sweet mother-in-law had put fresh sheets on our bed and set everything up for us to nurse and take a nap! And so we did, three awesome hours:) I think that leaving the hospital was what I needed to be able to get past the hormones and finally crash. 
Sun bathing with Daddy yesterday morning.
His jaundice is much improved, but I think the outside cuddling will continue because he enjoys it so much!

Bringing Home Baby!

Hiya peeps! Its been awhile, but I've been busy:) The process of becoming un-pregnant is intense. 

We came home from the hospital on Tuesday, the 27th. 

Getting dressed to come home! His outfit and lovey blanket were made by his Awesome Aunt Abbey:)
 Chris says that he is practicing to become a Yell Leader in this picture. 

Getting strapped into his car seat. Apparently no one checks to see if you do this correctly. They completed all of our discharge paperwork in the room and then called 'transportation services' (glorified wheelchair pusher) to help us to our car. Of course, Otto decided at that moment that the world would end unless he was fed. So who was nursing while being pushed outside in a wheelchair that looked like a giant trashcan? (No lie, it really did.) That would be me. Getting the nursing in public thing down early. Thanks Otto!

He didn't mind his car seat at all, probably because we where outside when we put him in it. He LOVES being outside. And being naked, but more on that later.

Look, we figured it out! (Next time, remind me not to be the closest person to the camera.)

Backseat, in the middle, over the hump? Not a great idea after having a baby.


Becasue you can't start influencing their college choices too early; no green and gold for this boy!
Since getting home we have done a lot of this. (Snuggling the baby, not playing with the iPhone, although that has happened as well. Especially at 3:00am feedings.)
A up-to-date shot of his face. He has changed quite a bit, don't you just love his crooked little nose? Just like Chris's:)

Thanks to Lisa for taking all the pictures and for taking care of us for the last few days!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

He's here!

Otto Christopher was born at 9:15pm and weighed 8lbs. 11oz and is 20.5 inches long. Everyone is just delighted with him! Mother, baby (and Daddy) are all fine!
Thanks for all the prayers!

It's Time!

This is Lydia's sister Sarah, updating for Lydia as she is currently at the hospital!

The latest update has her dilated to a 4, and completely effaced. The baby is thought to be posterior, and she is having back labor pains, so we're praying he moves so labor is more bearable. Unfortunately, her doctor is still out of town, so she has a new doctor and I don't think she's met him prior to today! She is alternating between the shower and walking to move labor along. All thoughts and prayers for her are greatly appreciated!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Last Date Night Before Baby?

Maybe? But I wouldn't place bets on it!

Today was productive and fun, full of lots of 'lasts'. *fingers crossed*

Chris and I slept in, worked on unfinished projects,-namely the bookcase and guest/baby's room- and went out to dinner and a movie. After walking all over the golf course behind our apartment last night with no results in the labor department, we figured that maybe the hold up is psychological; possibly I have a mental block about being prepared for labor. (Yes, I have been reading lots of mumbo-jumbo books, as Chris calls them.) So we worked on the last remaining things on my list.

Speaking of walking on the golf course...we saw the rather large in stature but skinny coyote that resides there. City coyotes make me nervous. I mean come on, they are practically immune to humans. He trotted away when he saw us, nothing like the 'pee in his pants and then run' version that my Dad told me about when I was young. What if he had been feral and attacked us? I would have been coyote fodder, because I'm pretty sure that Chris can out run me at this point. The Michelin Man could out run me right now.

For dinner, we went to Texas Roadhouse. I got a steak. It was delicious and I am NOT a meat eater. But my Mother had steak the night before my youngest brother Michael was born, so I'm hoping it does the trick! (He was five weeks early. Steak must be very powerful.)  The munchkin LOVED it. No lie, he hadn't been moving much all day but as soon as the meat made it to the table he was positively spastic. Also, just a suggestion if you are a hostess, don't sit the girl who is obviously ten and a half months pregnant in a booth. She really won't fit and her belly will bump against the table all night. But the good news is it does hold your napkin in place and my shirt made it through the night stain free!

PS: We saw Inception...pretty entertaining, and I understood it all except the last five minutes. Which means I didn't understand any of it.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

41 Week Highlights.

Because Sarah asked. And no, Easton Corbin is NOT a name consideration. I like him as a singer.

41 Week Pregnancy Highlights
How far along: Forty-one weeks. Woo, I'm tired from just typing that.
How big is baby: According to the two ultrasounds we have had in the last week, over eight pounds, probably closer to nine. And this might actually be true...the skin on my stomach is shiny from being stretched so much.
Weight gain/loss: They really have stopped telling me! But by my estimation, 43 pounds. Let's hope some of that is water.
Maternity clothes: Everything looks ridiculous these days. Even maternity dresses have lopsided hems when I put them on.
Stretch marks: A couple of them have broken blood vessels in them, I think they're done with being pregnant too:)
Sleep: Not so great. And oddly enough the baby really isn't the cause. It's the joints. If I don't move/stretch/waddle around at least once an hour I get super stiff. Makes trying to roll over after sleeping for three hours really difficult.
Best Moment of the Week: Knowing that he is okay in there! Ultrasounds are such a positive affirmation.
Movement: Much shorter than last week...he's getting cramped.
Food Cravings: We had french toast for dinner last night...and o.m.g I LOVE french toast! Why don't we eat it every day?
Gender: Dude.
Labor Signs: Nada, just a few braxton hicks. Dangit.
Belly button in or out:When I have a braxton hick, its the only thing that doesn't contract. Very weird sensation.
What I am Looking Forward too: He'll be an outside baby in less than a week! Woot! Woot!
Daddy: He has been stocking up on sleep this week...getting eight or nine hours a night. Boy, is he in for a surprise once the little guy gets here or what?

Happy as a clam.

And getting perfect scores on his biophysical profiles. That would be our already over achieving/over cooking child.

Today was another ultrasound. Chris took an extended lunch and got to come too:) Everything is looking great, which is very encouraging. I've been getting a little nervous in the last few days about something going terribly wrong now because we really have had a pretty easy time with this pregnancy. The little man is growing, has plenty of fluid surrounding him, and didn't want to wake up. The ultrasound tech literally slapped my stomach trying to get him to move. Yes, slapped. Very strange.

I'm slightly surprised the little guy didn't come flying out and quote the Doritos commercial in my defense. " Keep your hands off my Momma, keep your hands off my Doritos." But alas, no.

Speaking of Doritos, all the delicious food I've been eating this week is probably the reason he is estimated at eight pounds thirteen ounces right now, with a plus or minus 20% range. That could mean a cute little seven something baby, or a tyke-sized ten and a half pound hippo! AAAAA!!!

We also met with our OB. She was happy with how his is doing, and doesn't believe in inducing just because he is getting big, which I like. It would make perfect sense if she wanted to induce tonight/tomorrow so she wouldn't lose a delivery fee. But he is happy and doing well therefore he gets to stay put until next Thursday. Unless I can tempt him out with a Dr. Pepper this weekend...

PS: I'm really liking Easton Corbin. I think he has serious potential. And is possibly George Strait's long lost child.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Le sigh.

After exhausting the internet's supply of old wives tales yesterday, we are still pregnant. Very pregnant. And sore, because apparently raspberry tea and clary sage bath salts are heck on the joints. But I have been surprisingly productive today, imagine that. Just thought you should know. :)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Never Again!

...will I trust an eight ball! Geez, and they are normally so accurate too!

Yesterday was our forty and a half week appointment, but I was too grumpy with the results to post afterwords. Apparently this little guy is really comfortable.  Good thing he is, because I am not!

The doctor was pleased with the ultrasound results, no noticeable complications, which is good. His heart rate was in the 150's, mainly because she irritated him before taking it. No more progress on the dilation or position front even though I had all those lovely practice contractions last week. And there is really nothing else she could do to encourage labor as my membranes separated on their own. The next step would be a hospital induction. Ick.

But now we have a plan. Granted it's not what we originally hoped for or even expected, but we do have a plan with an end date. Hear that, Buddy? This is an eviction notice!

Because we are in overtime (and we really are, pretty sure of the starting date) we are doing extra monitoring as a precaution. If anything did start to deteriorate at this point we would want him out as soon as possible. So Thursday we are scheduled for another ultrasound and if anything looks suspicious, he comes out Thursday night. If not, he cooks until Tuesday when he will be monitored with a NST (fetal non-stress test). Then if he still is being stubborn on Thursday the 29th (forty-two weeks), we are on the calendar at the hospital for an induction.  And don't get on my case about a scheduled induction please, as you can see I'm dragging my feet as hard as I can and if I'd asked for one at either of our last two appointments my doctor would have said yes.

The problem with this 'plan' is that my doctor is going out of town. This Saturday, for a week. And she is going to Michigan, so swinging by the hospital if we go into spontaneous labor isn't an option. So if we make it to the weekend, which seems pretty likely at this point, we will be delivering with a doctor I've never met. Ugh. She (thank goodness) will be the OB we meet with on Tuesday and responsible for the induction on Thursday. I'm not super excited about this. We have spent the last several months building a relationship with our doctor and having to switch at the very last moment to someone who really doesn't know a thing about you is NOT fun. A small part of me (very small!) would prefer to induce this Thursday instead of next just to stay with our OB. (If only we knew for sure that we will be induced!)

Can you blame me for wanting to eat an entire bag of snickers? Any suggestions on how to encourage natural labor, or what you think would be the best drug (most efficient/not detrimental to breast feeding) to use for an induction would be appreciated!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

*Fingers Crossed!*

I know I just posted, but this was just too funny. And possibly awesome.

Last week Chris jokingly asked an internet eight ball. "Will the baby be born tonight?". The response we got? "Don't count on it." And guess what? It was RIGHT! Haha!

So tonight he tried again....and guess what the answer was? "Definitely." WOOHOO!!!

Here's to hoping that it's right again!

Still here. Still no outside baby.

But my nose is definitely getting fact everything is. And my poor feet actually jiggle when I walk, no lie. It's oddly humorous. 

We had a great weekend; lots of family came to visit, including Sarah so this post will have pictures! But only of me, because I'm vain like that:)

Thursday night Chris' parents, Jackie and Addison, and my Mom were here...after a full (haha) night's sleep Jackie and Addison had a successful takeoff from DFW headed for Korea! Jackie has started a blog so that we can keep up with all of their adventures while they are overseas for the next two years. I am so excited for them and can't wait for her to start posting pictures! Come on Jackie, forget the jag lag, get on it girl! 

On Friday afternoon we, and the parents, went to our ultrasound appointment. It was very quick. And we didn't get to see much:( But then, you really can't see much; he's taking up all the space! According the the tech, he weighs 8.9 give or take a half pound. My doctor says that sonograms can be off by about a pound and the internet claims two. So who knows? We'll see when he gets here! Which might be the end of the month, because the tech still thought he had lots of room....what?! He does not!

Late Friday, Chris' parents headed home and my Dad and Abbey came to stay. Hannah, Sarah, and Dave joined us on Saturday morning and the girls went to get fresh pedicures while the guys went to the gun range. Apparently getting your toes done isn't fun for them? (My family was in town because my cousin Josh got married. Welcome to the family Leah!)

Sarah took some overcooked maternity photos--woot, woot! I really should have been expecting this and done my hair that morning! It doesn't look like the belly has dropped at all, but the boobs kinda seem like they have, eek! Uncool.
I swear he's even bigger than this today. No lie. 
Our apartment is strangely quiet now that everyone has gone home...maybe he'll decided to come out and see what happened? You know, like a little baby box turtle. Shy and cute. And we would  be fine with that happening tonight! I'm well rested from skipping church and taking a three hour nap:) Come on baby!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Forty Weeks...That's TEN Whole Months!

Are you listening little guy? That means you can come out and join us!

Wow. Forty weeks. I would have never guessed we would have made it this far; I'm going to blame the additional minerals that my Mom made me take. In the long run I'll probably be thankful for them and the fact that he was able to develop longer, but as of today they are getting poured down the drain! I'm done.

But we have had some interesting developments in the last 24hours, so how about some highlights about the last week and possibly a picture to commemorate the event? (Warning: TMI ahead)

Pregnancy Highlights:
How far along: Forty weeks! That's code for done.
How big is baby: Ginormous. 
Weight gain/loss: They didn't ever bother to tell me at the last doctor's appointment. Probably didn't want to panic me. But at this point, who cares?!
Maternity clothes: Most don't fit anymore. And the ones that do I am constantly washing just in case I have to add them to the hospital bag quickly. 
Stretch marks: Really itchy this week, what is up with that? 
Sleep: Surprisingly good. But I've been waking up way too early ready for the day. 
Best Moment of the Week: See labor signs. Pretty awesome and gross. 
Movement: He's a stellar little mover. Pokes and prods me all the time to make sure I'm still awake. 
Food Cravings: These frozen cherries that I'm munching on are pretty good. And did you know that Blue Bell makes Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream bars now? They do. 
Gender: Boy. But we are prepared with a name if it's a girl. You know, just in case. 
Labor Signs: Why yes, finally. Lower back soreness, sporadic braxton hicks, and the mucous plug is gone! Totally gross, but really awesome at the same time. Chris was not impressed. If you are really interested, email me for a full description, just be warned I will not spare the details:)
Belly button in or out: Still out. It may never recover. 
What I am Looking Forward too: Finishing his room! I really think that is what he is waiting on:) My Mom and Mother-in-law are both coming to visit (and take my sister-in-law and niece to the airport) tonight and bringing his furniture with them...I going to be up late tonight reorganizing!
Daddy: Doing quite well. Although I think he is getting a little excited/nervous/I need to be prepared. He has been staying late at work to tie up some small projects, and says that his boss asks him every day if the baby is here yet. Apparently, he didn't realize that babies can arrive after their due dates.  

Picture to come! After I shower people, the vanity hasn't been completely lost yet:) 

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Because what is more important than having pretty toes during labor? Oh yeah, actually getting the baby out. But whatever, toes should at least come in second. :) I'm sure if I was a doctor I would prefer the patients who don't come in with funky feet; wouldn't you? 

To celebrate making it to full term (way back at 37 weeks), three sweet ladies from church and I went to get pedicures. And for some reason I didn't remember to post these pictures. 
Rebecca, Caty, and I. And if you look closely, you can see Cheryl reflected in the glass.

Here Caty is getting blown away by the massage chairs...she loved them! It was her first time to get toes done and she had a blast. So did Jessie.

But sadly that was three weeks ago, and my dark purple toes are no longer looking their best. Maybe I'll have to get them redone when we pass the forty week mark? You've got to celebrate the small victories people. When he finally gets here I'm getting a haircut! 

Speaking of him getting here...last night was rough. I fell asleep having some braxton hicks, nothing major and they didn't hurt. But about 12:30 a ligament on my left side decided to go bat poop crazy and seize up. OUCH! (<--- self diagnosis after referring to Dr. Google this morning.) After changing positions, getting up, walking, trying an ice pack, and only having the pain intensify, I decided to wake Chris up to hold my hand. Because I'm a wuss. And because your brain can talk you into some serious freak out situations when it comes to unknown pain.  Surprisingly it only took a single tap on the shoulder accompanied by an " Umm, honey?" for him to be completely alert. Bizarre. This morning he needed and hour and a half of snoozing before work. Home dude doesn't do mornings, late nights yes, but mornings? Absolutely not. 

Chris asked if I wanted to go to the doctor. Umm, NO! What happened to the plan to suffer at home until you need a wheelbarrow to wheel me out to the car?! Seriously I'm going to need to toughen up if I think I'm going to get through early stage labor at home.  

Basic synopsis of that story: It hurt, I'm fine, not in labor, 30 minutes in a hot shower will cure anything, and I think the little guy thought it was funny. For real, he was having a party in there the entire time I was in the shower, which didn't help at all! 

But here's the real kicker, while all this was going on and I was miserably thinking this could be labor starting...I wasn't thinking about my, oh so important two weeks ago, toes. No, I was horrified by the fact that the curtains in the living room didn't match. Lame, right? 

(We just got new curtains and I was trying them out to see which I preferred. Lowe's is having some great clearances on floor length, lined curtains if you need some! We're talking between three and eleven dollars a panel!)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Checking things off the list...

This list to be exact: AlphaMom Week 40

In the last week and a half we have done 1, 3, 6, 7, 9, 10, 12, 15, 19, 21, 22, 23, 26, 27, 30, 31, 32, 33, 35, and 39. And you guessed it...still no outside baby. Eventually something will work, right? Maybe he's just waiting until the list is complete. So on to number 34.

34) Start an ambitious new project that is guaranteed to remain unfinished for the next six months once you go into labor halfway through it.

I decided that we must/had too build, not buy Chris a new nightstand. From scratch, and utilizing these rather handy and addictive plans And by we, I mean Chris.

Now for a little back story on why we actually needed a new nightstand solution. For the past two weeks Chris has been nightstand-less thanks to me and my incessant need to reorganize our room to make space for the pack'n'play. You know, the one that HAD to be in our room at 37 1/2 weeks, because we could have had a baby any day! He was quite a good sport about it, but after one day realized that reaching to the floor for his cell phone charger, various computer/engineering manuals, and alarm clock wasn't going to cut it. Insert the Enfamil formula carrying case we scored at the OB's office. (looks like a bathroom travel bag with a hanger) Functional, practical, ugly? Yes. I tired to find a decorative table or stand, but nothing really fit our room or pass Chris's rigid durability standards.

So Home Depot here we come! (To the right in this photo you can see Chris's birthday gift from Lisa. A handyman/build anything table.)
In progress...Somehow we ended up building it on the living room floor. (Again with the we? Please note all of these photos were taken from the vantage point of the loveseat. That's how I 'help'.)
Final product! Isn't it cute? (And super solid. If a tornado comes I'm dragging this to the bathroom instead of the guest bed mattress.)
Tonight, Chris plans on adding a little wood putty and sanding to prepare it for painting. White this time instead of the in your face yellow I used on the bench project. Painting will take an extra day, so the kidlet has until Wednesday night to make number 34 work it's magic:)

Monday, July 12, 2010

Super Genius!

...that would not be me.

This morning was our final (finger's crossed) prenatal appointment. And being the super smart and organized person that I am, I managed to miss it. Because I had left my car keys in the car! And I couldn't call and say I had misplaced my keys, because I knew exactly where they were...locked safely in the vehicle. In my defense, Chris was driving yesterday and using his set, so I hid my keys under the seat (didn't have my purse) and didn't remember to bring them in last night. Out of sight, out of mind.

Thankfully, I have a very sweet husband with an understanding boss. Chris came home to pick me up and we made it to our rescheduled appointment. Everything about the munchkin looks great; heart beat in the 150's, measuring on track, still dilated one whole stinking centimeter, and eighty percent effaced. His head is engaged now, so maybe just maybe we are getting closer to an outside baby.

But for now the plan is to wait and see what he decides to do. The obstetrician would be comfortable with an induction at this point based on his development, but gave us two options if we make it past his due date.

Option one: Schedule an induction at forty weeks.

Option two: Ultrasound at forty weeks one day to check his living environment, (fluid levels, placental age, blood flow...) and with a positive report, continue to wait for a natural labor.

Umm, I'll take option number two. Physically I'm not that miserable and if he needs to cook we're going to let him. So Friday at four we have an ultrasound scheduled. Woot, woot! Lisa, want to come? (You'll still be here because I plan on keeping you forever after we drop Jackie and Addison off at the airport. :) You might want to tell your boss that you'll be working from the Fort Worth office from now on.)

Oh yes, my sister-in-law delivered my niece at 39 weeks 1 day and Addison weighed nine pounds thirteen ounces. We are currently at 39 weeks 4 days. *swallows tongue*

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Five more days...

...and then you guys (Hi Michael, Abbey and Israel!) can commence pestering him to come out. Okay? Okay.

Since he isn't technically supposed to be here until the fifteenth, I'm going to stop expecting him to make an appearance before then. I mean come on, he is related to both Chris and I, why in the world would we expect him to be anything other than a last minute kinda guy? My current bet is he shows up on the fifteenth after making his parents pull an intense all nighter.

I'm just as ready for him to get here--probably more so:) Every pregnant person that I know who was due around our due date (and some who were due after!) have already had their babies. The milk and eggs in the fridge expire after his due date. I'm about to have to fill my car up with gas again, when I was sure the last tank was it. Grr! But sitting around twiddling my thumbs waiting to go into labor only adds to the frustration; it's like waiting for Christmas but worse, because you don't know what day Christmas will land on! So we aren't even going to assume he will be here until after his due date, okay? Okay.

Friday, July 9, 2010

How Cool is This?!

Isn't this fun? A new blog design just in time for the little man's arrival. Maybe he will feel like we are ready now, and come out!

This new look was created by Becca Paro from Jumping Jax Designs. Becca is super skilled and also has a fun blog herself. She is much better about updating as well; she has a new post up every day! Check her out, she can make your blog pretty too!

Thanks Becca, I love it!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Thirty Nine Weeks

...who'd of thunk it?

Definitely not me! I was praying to make it to July 1st, but preparing mentally for a June baby. And here we are on July 8th and still no baby! Dang. 

So how about some highlights from the 39th week? 

Pregnancy Highlights
How far along? 39 weeks! Cross your fingers that he decides to make his appearance this week!
How big is Baby? I thought he was big last week. HA! The belly has really rounded out and looks completely disproportionate to my body. Add that to the swelling, and I have no idea how big this guy is going to be.
Total weight gain/loss:
Plus three pounds this week. But I really think it's water weight. Seriously, I'm not just trying to make myself feel better. My feet have turned into beasts. They now match the rest of my body.
Maternity clothes?
I am out growing them all. But according to my Mom, when he drops, things will begin to fit again. If he ever decides to drop.

Stretch marks?
It's a miracle, they completely went away!
Sleep: Comes and goes. Great night, followed by the worst night ever. And I am a skilled sleeper people, it takes quite a bit for me not to be able to sleep.

Best moment this week:
Visiting family:) Who doesn't like to play with babies?
Movement: Still there, but shorter and less violent. Trust me, it used to be violent. We have started monitoring his movements per the doctor's request. He needs to move at least ten times in an hour, if he doesn't we win a trip to the doctor's office for fetal monitoring. It generally takes him ten minutes. What can I say, our child is an overachiever.
Food cravings:
Turkey sandwiches and Red Delicious apples. Which is a little strange because I'm generally a Granny Smith kinda girl.
Gender: Boy:)

Labor Signs:
A total of seven contractions. That's it. Grr.
Belly Button in or out?
I think it's really beginning to enjoy being an outie. Better view I guess.
What I am looking forward to:
Being one person again and getting to drink coffee. We went into a Starbucks today and I seriously almost passed out from the delicious fumes. It was heavenly. Oh yes, and possibly beating all of my mother's gestational records in one try...we just have to make it to forty-two weeks. Bring it on.
Milestones: Making it another week without splitting in half!

PS: I'm not trying to come across as a whiny pregnant person who doesn't appreciated the amazing feat my body is currently completing. I'm just documenting for future reference. Like for when we are trying to decide if baby number two will be adopted or if we'll try this grow-a-baby thing again. :)

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Apparently, that wasn't the wall...

...and this munchkin might be bigger than expected. Yikes!

This morning was our thirty eight week appointment. At thirty eight weeks five days. It was pushed back because of the holiday weekend which caused the office near our house to be closed. Because the appointment was downtown and Chris is super supportive of my doctor induced craziness, he came along to hold my hand.

Everything looked good but unchanged. The lovely swollen feet and ankles are within normal limits and there are no other warning signs indicating a larger problem. His heart rate was in the 140's and picked up to the high 150's when she started feeling around. Guess he doesn't enjoy people in his personal bubble; he must get that from Chris. Perfect, I'm going to have a baby that doesn't like to cuddle:( All measurements were right on track. And because she didn't notice any significant difference in his position, we skipped the internal. Which was cool with me although yesterday I totally wanted to know! We also had a conversation about how long she would let this pregnancy go. (Chris brought up the topic, believe it or not. Maybe he's getting tired of my sob story about aches and pains?) Our OB feels fine with allowing a normal pregnancy go to 42 weeks, with increased fetal monitoring after the 40 week mark. If there are any signs of placental aging or distress, baby comes out. After 42 weeks, induction is scheduled. I very comfortable with her opinions and we can make it to 42 weeks if that is what this little guy needs. But please, please, please God, don't let that happen!

Abbey and Michael, I specifically asked the doctor to guess his weight just for you guys. She feels like he is a normal sized baby...and if he was born THIS week would weigh between 7 and 7 1/2 pounds. My question is, when the crap is that normal!? Five out of the seven kids in our family haven't been normal then...Oh wait, that probably because we were home schooled:) (Kidding Mom!)

My current guess for final weight and delivery is eight pounds five ounces sometime between the 11th and 15th. Chris thinks he will be eight pounds two ounces and come July 17th. Here's to hoping I'm right about the day and he's over shooting the weight!

What's your guess?

Monday, July 5, 2010

Hitting the third trimester wall...

...we better be, by golly, 'cause this is darn uncomfortable!

My feet are swollen (they look like sausages), moving is awkward and painful, I wake up more exhausted than when I went to bed,  and I am motivated to get things done but physically can't! Somebody tell me the end is near!
Last night I had seven contractions. Yes, I counted. You would too if you were as ready as I am to get this baby out!  But then they stopped and I was sad, so I went to sleep. :( They probably weren't even real contractions, more like braxton hicks. Kinda felt like my belly was expanding until my lungs were being squished, and all the blood rushed to my head. If I had been standing up, I bet I would have seen stars. Didn't hurt though, so that's good:)

Sam, maybe you should come visit and sweet talk this little guy into sharing a birthday? PLEASE!

Because of the self description above, there will be no pictures of me in this post--I wouldn't want you to loose your lunch. You're welcome. Instead how about some pictures of a cute baby?

Addison came to see us yesterday, chauffeured by her Aunt Angela. Thanks for bringing her to see us Ang!
They joined us for church and the 4th of July picnic following the service. Afterward we spent some time at the pool; Addison is a water baby! She loved it! 

She also really loves Chris, they spent quite a bit of time playing on the floor and watching Yo Gabba Gabba on Chris's iPhone. I'm not sure who enjoyed it more...Chris is still singing some of the songs:)

Chris is also turning out to be quite the baby whisperer--he was impressing me with his skills at baby dancing and getting Addy to fall asleep. He also wasn't grumpy when she woke him up this morning. (I might have assisted her in climbing into our bed before running away.)

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Thirty Eight Weeks!

How far along? 38 weeks! And he seems pretty content to stay put for a while.

How big is Baby? Close to the size of a watermelon. A big watermelon or a small watermelon is the question. I'm thinking medium seedless.
Total weight gain/loss:
Thirty eight pounds. Matching the week:) I'm cool with that.
Maternity clothes?
Still wearing them. Probably would be pretty awkward if I didn't:)

Stretch marks?
Still there, but only one hurts.
Sleep: Very difficult these days. I wake up more than once for bathroom trips, and several times to change position. Laying on one side for more than an hour
is very uncomfortable for the joints. And rolling over? Who knew it would become a process? Chris generally has to give me a boost.
Best moment this week:
Pedicure on Sunday afternoon! Clean, manicured toes are important especially when you have nightmares about kicking the doctor in the face during delivery. 
Movement: Getting slower all the time. Although he still has a powerhouse move where he tries to kick a hole in my left side by fully extending his legs. No hole yet but the stretch marks are definitely worse on that side.
Food cravings:
Nothing really stands out, although I have been eating meat this week...and get this, it tasted good!
Gender: Still nameless boy. Just when I thought we were making progress, Chris adds a new name to the mix. *head explodes*
Maybe we'll just draw straws when he gets here.
Labor Signs:
A few braxton hicks, but only when I've had a busy day. Walking has become more difficult and stairs suck. I was rooting for him to arrive today, which doesn't look like it will happen. And with the way I'm feeling, I'm not thinking he will make his debut for at least a week.
Belly Button in or out?
Basically waves at people.
What I am looking forward to:
Angela and Addison coming to visit this weekend! Angela has Monday off for the holiday, and is going to bring Addison to visit since we decided that traveling might not be the best idea. We are excited to get to spend time with Addison because she and her mother are leaving for Korea on the 16th! Super happy for them, but they will be missed.
Milestones: Knowing he is a week past the 'recommended cook' time, and could be here any day!