Monday, June 14, 2010

Wife of the Year

...I am not.

I had a good day today...did some grocery shopping, blogging, a little light cleaning, prepared for our last Bradley class that is tonight. Pregnancy wise I was feeling pretty good except for the heartburn induce by one little bitty tiny peppermint. But that's another story. But overall a good day. I started dinner early because we are taking a meal to the couple in our Bradley class that had their baby last week. (Potato soup, french bread, green salad, and strawberries)

So there I was, happy as a clam, cooking away when there is a rather frantic knock at the door and the lower lock being unlocked hurriedly. Let me enter a side note cell phone was on vibrate and in my purse, the last time I had checked it was at twelve thirty when I got home from the store...and the door was locked and dead bolted. I opened the door to find a sweaty, frustrated looking Chris. At four pm. An hour and a half before he normally gets home. Immediately I think something is wrong, he even looked a nauseated. When I asked if he was okay, he reply, " I am, now!"

Oh but I suck. Suck bad.

Apparently he had tried calling me at lunch to check on me and get some dates of doctor's appointments for his work calendar. I didn't answer and he left a message. (The phone was on vibrate and I was shopping!) He thought that possibly my purse and keys had been locked in the car overnight and I was just stuck at home or didn't hear the phone. No worries, right?  But then he tried calling again when I didn't call back. At 1:30 and 2:30 and 3:30...and when I didn't pick up then he decided to leave work early and come check on me.  (Don't think that he's over the top, I am generally very good at calling back and I am thirty-five weeks pregnant. And last night might have been complaining about feeling funny and super tired.) So he drives home. Thirty minutes in a truck with no air conditioner, thinking his crazy, pregnant, klutzy-to-the-max wife has had some sort of emergency. As he is pulling into our apartment complex he sees several police cars and a Care Flight helicopter. I think that's when the panic really set in. And to top it off, both locks were locked to he couldn't get into the apartment. Needless to say, when I started laughing when he explained himself he wasn't amused. At all.

So from now on my phone will be on RING at all times. 

And I have no idea who all the emergency personnel were really for.

And according to Chris he wasn't panicked, he was prepared.


  1. Poor Chris, he has earned points here...

  2. Awww! Poor guy! I'm glad you have such a caring hubby though!! :)