Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Vacation Part Two!

Thursday morning we made it to Galveston Island. Surprisingly, traffic coming through Houston was smooth and the island was pretty people free, the crazy herds of vacationers waited to show up until Saturday. My parents, Michael, Abbey, Israel, and Samuel joined us later that night. We all had a great time with the exception of the ridiculous mosquito population and bug spray that made my toe nail polish melt:)

Here is my Dad preparing to take Chris on in the epic ping pong tournament that lasted the entire weekend. For the record Chris only lost three times, once to my Dad, Israel, and Samuel.  And they had to tag team him for over two hours in ninety-five degree weather before that happened! 
Please note the backwards hat...this was a serious situation. The man doesn't go early '90's for nothing.

Waiting for Chris's next turn. I wanted to take pictures, he did not.
You would think that he would have been more cooperative, seeing as the munchkin and I were the only people cheering for him. Everyone else were trying desperately to beat him. :)

After Dad finally made a come back, still friends:)

For their birthdays, Chris and Michael were given boogy boards and crab nets by my parents. These boards skim the edge of the shoreline, kinda like surfing on sand and two inches of water. By the end of the weekend they were both quite accomplished, and could glide about 25-30 feet before flying off. Both guys are currently sporting skinned knees and Chris is missing a large portion of arm and leg hair. But they loved it!
For the record, Chris is 26 and Michael is 15. Seeing as Chris is right at six feet tall, I do believe that Michael is going to be a BIG dude! Israel and Samuel, watch your backs!

Teaching Dad to ride.

While the guys were practicing their boarding skills, this man was fishing about twenty feet off the shoreline. (in the middle of a crowd of small children, no less.) And he caught two sharks in about a fifteen minute period. Eek!
I did not go in the water after this. My toes are important to me. 
Israel and Dad helped remove the hook, no small feat, because this guy was pissed. As he should have been, especially if he realized that he was going home with these people. To be put in their salt water tank. Yeah, right...I bet you five bucks that he was dinner. 

Speaking of catching things to eat, Abbey was quite the finder of all things cool and mostly edible. Here she is with a shrimp:)

We had a really great time (thanks Mom and Dad!), and enjoyed a last get away before the little man gets here. Sunday afternoon we hit the road again for College Station to see Sarah and Hannah. (and have pictures taken!)

See what I mean about the truck being able to clear the road!?

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  1. Looks like a really fun trip! And Lydia, you're gorgeous! You so have that "glow". (Mine was pretty much just sweat and an oily face, lol.)