Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Vacation Part One!

Last Tuesday we got out of the city and headed towards the coast to celebrate a myriad of events; Chris and Michael's birthdays, Memorial Day, and our anniversary. Chris and I spent the first two days on Lake Conroe before joining my family in Galveston. 

Heading out of town...Chris is sporting his super protective ear wear because I told him that we needed to talk. Kidding, we were traveling in the Beast which creates quite a bit of road noise. :) 
The Beast is a pretty fantastic ride--not only is it super dependable, (it still runs after being caught on fire and rolled down a hill) but it can clear traffic like nobody's business. For some reason people are scared of it, and I really have no idea why;) We generally drive it on all of our long distance road trips; just last summer it made it to the top of Pike's Peak. Sadly, after the munchkin gets here we will no longer fit in the single cab, and the Beast will be retired to a boys only vehicle or for special date nights. 

Chris in Lake Conroe--super happy to be near the water again!
He also decided that this is our future lake house. Boats included. 

While we were there we enjoyed the swimming pool, (talk about awesome, I felt fifty pounds lighter and almost normal!) grilling, sleeping in, shopping at HEB, and putt putt. We have mad putt putt skills.
This was probably the nicest course I have ever seen, almost brand new! Who knew that they still build these things?! I thought it was required that putt putt courses had to be a least twenty-five years old. 

Chris trying to recover from hitting into a sand trap...

And into the culvert it went!

Believe it or not, this only added a point to his score:)
And I didn't even have to cook! Chris grilled yummy chicken kabobs. 

Thursday morning we were up bright and early (totally my idea, sorry Honey!) to head out to the beach! 

(Yes, I realize that I didn't post any pictures of me...I promise I was there! But, because this is my blog I don't have to post unflattering pictures of myself unless I want to, okay? :))

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