Monday, June 14, 2010

Thursday Night Fun

For the past few months Chris has taken part in a local recreational volleyball league. The other teammates are either his coworkers or teachers from a local school district. Playing has been a great way to meet some awesome people from the area, and our team (I'm designated cheerleader, thank you very much.) is quite good. Like so good we actually won last Thursday night. One game out of six, but whatever, we won one!

Chris talked Shawn into playing as well. (Shawn and Jessica moved back to DFW at the end of May. Shawn graduated (!) and they are here to stay. Chris is THRILLED!)
And for the record, I am NOT Sarah. This is pretty much the limit of my photography skills. *sigh*

The entire team. (Left to right) Dino, Terri, Todd, Cassie, A hot guy with hairy legs, Christie, Shawn, Ebony, and Lonny.

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  1. Maybe since Shawn was there, It made Chris like I "got" to play good... Vise-versa... :P I should be a physcologist.