Thursday, June 17, 2010

Thirty Six Weeks!

Woot, woot! That's nine whole months people! Only one week from full term:) 
Pregnancy Highlights:

How far along? 36 whole weeks baby! (and trust me, I look it!)
How big is Baby?
Big. Getting close to the six pound mark if you put any stock into Gaining about a half a  pound a week, which is highly noticeable when you check out the belly.
Total weight gain/loss: Let's just call it an even thirty-five.

Maternity clothes?
I've been rebelling this week and only wearing non-maternity. Which has limited me to a ten dollar Walmart dress from about three years ago, and pajamas.

Stretch marks?
Covered in them. They past the belly button about two weeks ago and have started making babies of their own. And the dad-gum things are uncomfortable!
(TMI Alert!) Achy joints, lower back pain, hot flashes, general sappiness, and excessive tiredness much like a few days before you get your period...the beginning of the end?
I've become a napper again, just like in the beginning...another sign that we're reaching the end?
Best moment this week: Getting a call from Abbey. She let me know that a girl I went to the sixth grade with had confused her with me! My thirteen year old sister was confused with her sister who is ten years older and nine months pregnant:) Abbey and I both thought it was great!
I believe he bruised my ribs this week...home dude is getting strong!
Food cravings:
Again, back to the beginning, peanut butter sandwiches, fresh fruit, and salad.
Boy! And guess what!? We might be closer to a name!
Labor Signs:
Nothing real, unfortunately. Not that I would want him to show up this week, but my body could start practicing and he could get in the right stinkin' position already!
Belly Button in or out?
Umm, OUT! And has been since about month five.
What I am looking forward to:
Fall. Cool weather would be great.  Oh yes, and because I got in trouble this week for leaving my phone on vibrate Chris got me a present! I'm getting an iphone! (He is also so he can Facebook me from work and  make sure I"m still alive:))
Only one week until full term! After next Thursday he is welcome to show up any time he wants!


  1. I'm almost ready for him to be here, just have to find a fur rug (preferably grey, although I'll take anything at this point...) Other then that, I feel prepared for him to come!

  2. Would the white one we talked about work? I'll run pick it up this weekend if it will...

  3. You are SO close! And I am peeing my pants with anticipation of the FABULOUS pictures that sister of yours will get with such a precious subject!

  4. I need another belly picture. I know you don't like taking them yourself, but you need to document how much bigger the bump has gotten!