Thursday, June 24, 2010

Thirty Seven Weeks! Full Term!

Jumps up and down gleefully, then realizes that was stupid. And hurts. And now I have to pee. 
Pregnancy Highlights:
How far along? 37 weeks:) That's consider full term, for the record.
How big is Baby?
If size is related to the amount of stretch marks that the mother has, he is approximately the size of a large hippopotamus.
Total weight gain/loss: Thirty-nine pounds. *looks around for more pasta*

Maternity clothes?
Yep. Did you know that the shirts with elastic in the sides for expansion irritate stretch marks? They do.

Stretch marks?
Still haven't gone away. And my doctor actually mentioned a 'new and powerful' cream that she was just reading about. Pretty bad when they even scare the OB. 
Still the same, with the addition of my nose running EVERY time I eat. Very bizarre. 
A little more difficult to fall asleep, but sleeping well after that!
Best moment this week: Making it to full term! *happy dance* And getting my sweet new iPhone. It's white, and pretty.
Pretty consistent, and I was right about his position! He is bottom up, head down by my right hip, and feet under the left side of my ribcage.
Food cravings:
Still liking the fruit. Red grapes and berries. Yummy!
Still a dude.
Labor Signs:
No real signs of labor, but the hormones are kicking in and starting to work (See progress post below). I haven't cried in two months, totally did twice this week...over nothing! But if more tears now equal less time in labor, I'll take it!
Belly Button in or out?
Out and it won't go back in, even if you push on it. Very attractive.
What I am looking forward to:
Getting him here. Believe it or not, I am almost ready to get this show on the road.
Full term! Even though I want him to cook for at least a week more, if he came now he would probably be okay:)
Weekly Wisdom: Eating a pound of strawberries in one sitting is delicious. And will come back to haunt you.


  1. YOU WANT him to be born more around the due date, not like on the 1st... Even though I WANT HIM NOW!!! .......You do remember that bet I made a long time ago, the one where I get your first born son... :P Michael~

  2. i have been waiting on this post since last night! what a tease:) cant believe you're about to be a mommy!!!