Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Summer Reading

What I've been reading to prepare for baby...

A classic must read. 
 The basis of our childbirth class...compares humans giving birth to animals. Namely dogs, cats, and goats.

A pretty unbiased book on vaccines, which are such a hot topic these days. 
 Home made baby food! Music to my frugal heart:)

Scheduling. A good idea, but not always possible. This book was informative but a little strict, I mean, come on, they're babies!

Hilarious and full of information about breastfeeding. My kind of book--fun, easy read.

 And for the unresolved naming issue...

And what Chris has been reading....

A government manual published in the 1950's that explains in detail the basics of fall out shelter deliveries. Blunt and to the point it comes complete with pictures and step-by-step bullet point lists. Right up Chris's alley. Apparently this is what he feels like he needs to know if our doctor doesn't make it in time or passes out from all the gore.

And it included pictures. Horrible, horrible pictures.
I think this is one of the things I am looking forward to the least, right after an episiotomy.
This is how you hold a newborn!? Apparently I've been doing it wrong for years!

The sad thing is, our difference in reading styles is very similar to the differences in our personalities. I like the fluffy, lighthearted but informative reads that interject personal stories, while Chris can't stand them. To him they are like small talk; a waste of time. He prefers (insert, only reads, here) technical documents. Calculator manuals are his go to for relaxation.

But they say that opposites attract, right? In that case we are super glued together:)


  1. who knew! i totally hold all babies wrong to!! im thinking ppl would not let me babysit anymore if i held their baby like that . . . haha

  2. Eek I am NOT a fan of Baby Wise, and there have even been reports of dehydration and Failure To Thrive with babies when that method was used. SOOO that's not for us, but that's just me! :) Love love love Healthy Sleep Habits Happy Child. Sleep is so important to baby & mama!