Monday, June 7, 2010

Stick a fork in me, I look done!

Last night Chris and I took a walk around the complex before bed. I wasn't feeling very great, and Chris thought that walking might be better than laying in bed and whining. He was right--I felt much better after getting some fresh air:)

Much of it was thanks to a woman at the pool. We had stopped to put our feet in and talk for a bit before going back inside. I guess the waddle is becoming severe, and I will admit that getting up and down is difficult and requires significant finesse. I must have put on quite a show, because as soon as I sat down I heard a shocked voice from across the pool, " OMG! Are you in labor!?" Umm, no. Not in the slightest. In fact we have about six weeks before that should happen.  As much as I wanted to scream, grab my belly, and fall headfirst into the pool, I resisted.(Although the pink bra under white t-shirt would have added quite a bit to a fake labor, don't you think?)

I guess I must look like a swallowed a watermelon that's trying to escape. She was politely apologetic when I explained that we were just out for a walk...a normal non-labor inducing walk. But she did leave shortly after. :)

This morning we had our 34 week check, and everything looked great.He is measuring a week behind, but our obstetrician was not concerned. She felt like for my frame size and given the fact I was sick yesterday that was within normal limits. He also grew from the last appointment so growth restriction isn't a concern at this time. His heart rate was in the 150's, even the 160's for a second while he was trying to dodge the doppler. We have one more two week appointment and then every week for three weeks. Then hopefully he's here!