Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Look Mom, no hands!

You guys do realize that now that I have an iPhone, the frequency of pictures on this blog will increase, but the quality will diminish significantly, right?
Chris is under the weather; he unfortunately caught a head cold. Thus the television, dinner in bed and my beyond awesome plate holder:) The little guy did try to bump the plate off my belly a few times so I did end up having to balance it with one hand while I ate.

Chris is currently home from work, (he really must feel awful, nothing keeps him from work) and we are having a lazy day in bed. I am force feeding him (almost literally, he really despises pills) vitamin C, fluids, and Sudafed--hopefully he is back to semi normal tomorrow.

On the baby front: No we are not being induced on Friday. I just think it would be a terrific day to have a baby, (really any day after Thursday is fine by me!) and we would be guaranteed to get our doctor. (She is on call for the holiday weekend on Friday) And there are lots of little things that point in that direction. Our bags are only half way packed, Chris is sick, heavy rain is in the forecast, and my car is completely out of gas and filthy. Being unprepared triggers labor, correct?

But for serious, except for not sleeping well last night, I feel pretty great and sincerely doubt that we will have a baby any time soon. Dangit.


  1. I'm out of gas too! It's like we're twins!!!
    (I really need to get gas and food before the "hurricane" hits, just in case we run out ;)

    I would like a July 8th, or July 9th (my anniversary!) baby. I can quite easily arrange a visit around the 20th...and since this is all about me, please accommodate my wishes. Thanks!


  3. July 6th is a good day... (chester's bday)

  4. I vote the 8th.
    LOVE YOU LITTLE GUY! *sniff* : )Aunt Abbey