Friday, June 25, 2010

Impromptu Shower:)

Last night was our final volleyball game. The league plays for eight weeks with a new round of competition starting immediately after the last completes. For some reason the we have a week break before the next rounds starts--Chris asked me what we are going to do with our free Thursday next week, and I replied, "Umm, how about have a baby?" So mark it on the calendars people, next Thursday, July 1st, we will be having a baby. Cause I said so. And that's how it works.

(Also I hear that there are hurricanes brewing in the gulf, and that means lots of rain heading our way next week, right? And according to my Mom, rain makes you want to have a baby. And rain means power outages, which means Chris will be at work (even in the middle of the night). And Chris woke up with a scratchy throat this morning. Which definitely means Lydia will go into labor.)

All signs are go people, who wants to put money on it?

Back to volleyball--To celebrate our last game (and a victory!) we had a team dinner following the match. And if yummy Mexican food wasn't enough, the other team members hosted a mini shower for the little man! Christie and Casie (pictured here) had the best ideas! Before dinner they sold raffle tickets for dinner for two, with the proceeds going towards the baby's college fund.
Dino won and was quite pleased (HA!) with his gift bag of spam, mixed veggies, two cans of Dr. Pepper, and M&M's!
Christie made party flavors for everyone...they were filled with chocolate covered raisins and Tootsie Rolls. And there was a cute cake--half of which came home with me--Israel, we might make it to two hundred yet:)

Everyone pitched in a got the little man some crib sheets, blankets, and clothes. Christie had hung everything on a clothes line and neatly folded it into an adorable travel bag, so when I pulled the first item out, the second followed, and so on. We passed it around the table so everyone could see. (And I could empty the bag of about twenty feet of onsies, socks, receiving blankets, and toys!) Needless to say, we had the entire restaurants attention! So fun! Someone invite me to a baby shower so I can repeat the idea:)

I, of course, didn't think to bring my camera but Casie did so hopefully I can get some pictures from her!

Completely unrelated: What we had for dinner on Wednesday. Mom, would you make this again when he gets here? Please, please!


  1. Soooo, that's weird that I'mma be an uncle! yeah!!

  2. NEW POST! I not going on FB for a week... So call it you're having him, instead of like updating yo status... !!:)