Monday, June 28, 2010

Doctor's Appointment Update

This morning was our 37 week appointment! (Still pretty happy about the full term status:))

Everything looked good, the little man was super active with a heart rate of 160 bpm. I think he is going to be a wild man, his heart rate hasn't been below 150 this entire pregnancy! We're measuring right on track, but I lost a pound. Imagine that, the week I decide to indulge in whatever dang dessert I want (Snickers seem to be the drug of choice) I loose weight!

No internal check this time, (*relieved sigh*) my obstetrician doesn't believe in doing them every week unless you are show active signs of change. Ie: contractions or major discomfort. I'm totally cool with this; less awkwardness and risk of infection! She also believes that Friday would be a great day to have a baby, and what do you know, I do too!

Oh yes, and the GBS test came back negative. Sweet! No IV antibiotics during labor for me:)

And how about a crappy iPhone picture? Make-up, a brush, and real clothes are totally overrated.
 This was taken on Friday at 37 weeks one day.  And trust me it's not all baby, the butt is pregnant too, it's just conveniently turned away from the camera:)


  1. Thank you for posting! :)
    Love Abbey

  2. Totes adorable. Please clarify that you are not inducing Friday!

  3. Inducing? No. More like wishful thinking:) He will be strongly encouraged to vacate his current home as of Thursday. Clear enough?

  4. Lookin' good. Dollface. I'm just gonna drive down there when I get my permitt.... And are you gonna drink Dr. Pepper right after you have the kid, or are you gonna wait a bit?? ;)

  5. You look fantastic! & I can't wait to meet him! :) I am just so thrilled for you that you made it to full term!!!