Thursday, June 10, 2010

35/35! (Pregnancy Highlights)

As in thirty-five weeks, with only thirty-five days to go! AAAAA!

*hyperventilates into a bag*

Pregnancy Highlights:
How Far Along: 35 weeks!
Size of baby: Big. Over five pounds and eighteen inches long. (I can agree with the length, but I believe the weight might be an over estimation, seeing as he is measuring a week behind)
Total Weight Gain/Loss: Nothing in the last two weeks! Woot, woot! But not from lack of trying:)
Maternity Clothes: Fitting like a glove. A stretched out, high-water glove.
Gender: Boy.
Movement: Is shocking sometimes, the munchkin is getting strong!
What I miss: Not scaring myself when I walk past a mirror. For real, I do a double take every time. I don't feel that big!
Sleep: Has been really great this week. I'm back to using about ten pillows, which really helps:)
Symptoms: Funky dreams, mainly about hygiene school and how some day I'll have to go back. No thank you. PSD--look it up, I will NOT wear the support band. I will not! Oh and this is a new one, feeling like I'm choking if I lay flat on my back. Probably caused by my stunning double chin.
Cravings: Cool things. Fruit, veggies, and ice water.
Best Moment this week: Getting to schedule the rest of our prenatal appointments!
What I am looking forward to: Going fabric hunting this afternoon. Watch the mail this week Abbey!

And in honor of looking like (according to a random delivery man) I have about a week left before I pop, let's have a poll, shall we? 

Closest guess on when he gets here and how much he weighs wins an imaginary pat on the back from me. :) Poll in the top, right hand side of the screen. And to make things fair, this has been a super normal pregnancy. No pre-term labor signs or complications except for a few braxton hicks last weekend. I have many stretch marks and my Mom had most of her children (six out of seven) early. He is still very high and his position is unknown. (First internal at 36 weeks, 4 days.)

My vote is for July 1st or 3rd, with a weight between six and seven pounds. If he wants to be shaped like a bullet and well oiled that's fine with me!

(And for the record, I think he will have a moderate amount of blonde hair and dark blue eyes that will eventually turn gray or hazel.)


  1. If he's truly your kid he'll come on a holiday or important day just to be contrary. So I'm saying the 4th or July or the 16th.

    I think he will be 7 pounds and 3 ounces, and 20 inches long. He'll have a light amount of dark hair, and dark blue eyes.

  2. Mom says July Seventh, and if it was a girl I'd *SHE!!* would name him liberty! NooOo!!! She also thinks that he will seven pounds and four ounces, and nineteen inches long, red headed and brown eyed. Haha, I think that he will be twenty one inches long, 15 pounds, haha just kidding, more like 7.2 (Haha Sarah)=) He'll be born on the 9th, he'll have brown hair, and brown eyes, that'll turn hazel'ish brown.

  3. You should totally write in some mommy magazines or something... you are soooo great to read!

  4. Following you from Fun Follow Fridays!

    Congratulations on yojur bundle of joy! You are in the home stretch now!! I carried twins until 38 weeks (born 04/08/10) and I don't miss those last few weeks - you seem to be doing just great!