Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Look Mom, no hands!

You guys do realize that now that I have an iPhone, the frequency of pictures on this blog will increase, but the quality will diminish significantly, right?
Chris is under the weather; he unfortunately caught a head cold. Thus the television, dinner in bed and my beyond awesome plate holder:) The little guy did try to bump the plate off my belly a few times so I did end up having to balance it with one hand while I ate.

Chris is currently home from work, (he really must feel awful, nothing keeps him from work) and we are having a lazy day in bed. I am force feeding him (almost literally, he really despises pills) vitamin C, fluids, and Sudafed--hopefully he is back to semi normal tomorrow.

On the baby front: No we are not being induced on Friday. I just think it would be a terrific day to have a baby, (really any day after Thursday is fine by me!) and we would be guaranteed to get our doctor. (She is on call for the holiday weekend on Friday) And there are lots of little things that point in that direction. Our bags are only half way packed, Chris is sick, heavy rain is in the forecast, and my car is completely out of gas and filthy. Being unprepared triggers labor, correct?

But for serious, except for not sleeping well last night, I feel pretty great and sincerely doubt that we will have a baby any time soon. Dangit.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Doctor's Appointment Update

This morning was our 37 week appointment! (Still pretty happy about the full term status:))

Everything looked good, the little man was super active with a heart rate of 160 bpm. I think he is going to be a wild man, his heart rate hasn't been below 150 this entire pregnancy! We're measuring right on track, but I lost a pound. Imagine that, the week I decide to indulge in whatever dang dessert I want (Snickers seem to be the drug of choice) I loose weight!

No internal check this time, (*relieved sigh*) my obstetrician doesn't believe in doing them every week unless you are show active signs of change. Ie: contractions or major discomfort. I'm totally cool with this; less awkwardness and risk of infection! She also believes that Friday would be a great day to have a baby, and what do you know, I do too!

Oh yes, and the GBS test came back negative. Sweet! No IV antibiotics during labor for me:)

And how about a crappy iPhone picture? Make-up, a brush, and real clothes are totally overrated.
 This was taken on Friday at 37 weeks one day.  And trust me it's not all baby, the butt is pregnant too, it's just conveniently turned away from the camera:)

Friday, June 25, 2010

Impromptu Shower:)

Last night was our final volleyball game. The league plays for eight weeks with a new round of competition starting immediately after the last completes. For some reason the we have a week break before the next rounds starts--Chris asked me what we are going to do with our free Thursday next week, and I replied, "Umm, how about have a baby?" So mark it on the calendars people, next Thursday, July 1st, we will be having a baby. Cause I said so. And that's how it works.

(Also I hear that there are hurricanes brewing in the gulf, and that means lots of rain heading our way next week, right? And according to my Mom, rain makes you want to have a baby. And rain means power outages, which means Chris will be at work (even in the middle of the night). And Chris woke up with a scratchy throat this morning. Which definitely means Lydia will go into labor.)

All signs are go people, who wants to put money on it?

Back to volleyball--To celebrate our last game (and a victory!) we had a team dinner following the match. And if yummy Mexican food wasn't enough, the other team members hosted a mini shower for the little man! Christie and Casie (pictured here) had the best ideas! Before dinner they sold raffle tickets for dinner for two, with the proceeds going towards the baby's college fund.
Dino won and was quite pleased (HA!) with his gift bag of spam, mixed veggies, two cans of Dr. Pepper, and M&M's!
Christie made party flavors for everyone...they were filled with chocolate covered raisins and Tootsie Rolls. And there was a cute cake--half of which came home with me--Israel, we might make it to two hundred yet:)

Everyone pitched in a got the little man some crib sheets, blankets, and clothes. Christie had hung everything on a clothes line and neatly folded it into an adorable travel bag, so when I pulled the first item out, the second followed, and so on. We passed it around the table so everyone could see. (And I could empty the bag of about twenty feet of onsies, socks, receiving blankets, and toys!) Needless to say, we had the entire restaurants attention! So fun! Someone invite me to a baby shower so I can repeat the idea:)

I, of course, didn't think to bring my camera but Casie did so hopefully I can get some pictures from her!

Completely unrelated: What we had for dinner on Wednesday. Mom, would you make this again when he gets here? Please, please!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Thirty Seven Weeks! Full Term!

Jumps up and down gleefully, then realizes that was stupid. And hurts. And now I have to pee. 
Pregnancy Highlights:
How far along? 37 weeks:) That's consider full term, for the record.
How big is Baby?
If size is related to the amount of stretch marks that the mother has, he is approximately the size of a large hippopotamus.
Total weight gain/loss: Thirty-nine pounds. *looks around for more pasta*

Maternity clothes?
Yep. Did you know that the shirts with elastic in the sides for expansion irritate stretch marks? They do.

Stretch marks?
Still haven't gone away. And my doctor actually mentioned a 'new and powerful' cream that she was just reading about. Pretty bad when they even scare the OB. 
Still the same, with the addition of my nose running EVERY time I eat. Very bizarre. 
A little more difficult to fall asleep, but sleeping well after that!
Best moment this week: Making it to full term! *happy dance* And getting my sweet new iPhone. It's white, and pretty.
Pretty consistent, and I was right about his position! He is bottom up, head down by my right hip, and feet under the left side of my ribcage.
Food cravings:
Still liking the fruit. Red grapes and berries. Yummy!
Still a dude.
Labor Signs:
No real signs of labor, but the hormones are kicking in and starting to work (See progress post below). I haven't cried in two months, totally did twice this week...over nothing! But if more tears now equal less time in labor, I'll take it!
Belly Button in or out?
Out and it won't go back in, even if you push on it. Very attractive.
What I am looking forward to:
Getting him here. Believe it or not, I am almost ready to get this show on the road.
Full term! Even though I want him to cook for at least a week more, if he came now he would probably be okay:)
Weekly Wisdom: Eating a pound of strawberries in one sitting is delicious. And will come back to haunt you.

Monday, June 21, 2010


The appointment this morning went well...immensely awkward, but uplifting at the same time:)

Here are the stats:
  • Dilated one centimeter. (What! I was fully prepared to wait a few more weeks before this happened.)
  • 50% effaced.
  • GBS test completed. (Man, am I glad to have that over with...the dread has been building for weeks.)
  • Head down! But not engaged. In fact she said that he is still 'floating'. (Totally okay with me, he needs to stay in there until at least July 1st. The goal is a July baby people!)
  • Heart rate: 150 bpm
  • Measuring between 36 and 36 1/2 weeks, so back on track!
 Chris went with me for moral support, which I greatly appreciated. Doctor's visits really weird me out. He was significantly impressed (and relieved) that the little guy was head down. A scheduled c-section would have made him squirm/throw-up. In his words we are one tenth of the way done!

I am fully aware that this means just about nothing, and that we could very well still be pregnant in a month.(God forbid!)  But it was fun to see some progress when we weren't expecting it!

Now I'm off to skip some rope and play on the pogo stick...kidding, I'm just going to the post office:)

Sunday, June 20, 2010

What will tomorrow hold?

Big doctor's appointment in the morning! Well, big to me at least:) And awkward if you catch my drift.

I doubt we will have made any progress as he still is riding high and slightly crooked. But here's to hoping!

I'll update in the afternoon with the results.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Thirty Six Weeks!

Woot, woot! That's nine whole months people! Only one week from full term:) 
Pregnancy Highlights:

How far along? 36 whole weeks baby! (and trust me, I look it!)
How big is Baby?
Big. Getting close to the six pound mark if you put any stock into Babycenter.com. Gaining about a half a  pound a week, which is highly noticeable when you check out the belly.
Total weight gain/loss: Let's just call it an even thirty-five.

Maternity clothes?
I've been rebelling this week and only wearing non-maternity. Which has limited me to a ten dollar Walmart dress from about three years ago, and pajamas.

Stretch marks?
Covered in them. They past the belly button about two weeks ago and have started making babies of their own. And the dad-gum things are uncomfortable!
(TMI Alert!) Achy joints, lower back pain, hot flashes, general sappiness, and excessive tiredness much like a few days before you get your period...the beginning of the end?
I've become a napper again, just like in the beginning...another sign that we're reaching the end?
Best moment this week: Getting a call from Abbey. She let me know that a girl I went to the sixth grade with had confused her with me! My thirteen year old sister was confused with her sister who is ten years older and nine months pregnant:) Abbey and I both thought it was great!
I believe he bruised my ribs this week...home dude is getting strong!
Food cravings:
Again, back to the beginning, peanut butter sandwiches, fresh fruit, and salad.
Boy! And guess what!? We might be closer to a name!
Labor Signs:
Nothing real, unfortunately. Not that I would want him to show up this week, but my body could start practicing and he could get in the right stinkin' position already!
Belly Button in or out?
Umm, OUT! And has been since about month five.
What I am looking forward to:
Fall. Cool weather would be great.  Oh yes, and because I got in trouble this week for leaving my phone on vibrate Chris got me a present! I'm getting an iphone! (He is also so he can Facebook me from work and  make sure I"m still alive:))
Only one week until full term! After next Thursday he is welcome to show up any time he wants!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

My plants are amazing.

Look! Real, edible, food from the balcony! Aren't they pretty!?

I have picked this many tomatoes about three times. And I ate them. Delicious! Now I am just waiting for the little bell peppers to be ready:)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Summer Reading

What I've been reading to prepare for baby...

A classic must read. 
 The basis of our childbirth class...compares humans giving birth to animals. Namely dogs, cats, and goats.

A pretty unbiased book on vaccines, which are such a hot topic these days. 
 Home made baby food! Music to my frugal heart:)

Scheduling. A good idea, but not always possible. This book was informative but a little strict, I mean, come on, they're babies!

Hilarious and full of information about breastfeeding. My kind of book--fun, easy read.

 And for the unresolved naming issue...

And what Chris has been reading....

A government manual published in the 1950's that explains in detail the basics of fall out shelter deliveries. Blunt and to the point it comes complete with pictures and step-by-step bullet point lists. Right up Chris's alley. Apparently this is what he feels like he needs to know if our doctor doesn't make it in time or passes out from all the gore.

And it included pictures. Horrible, horrible pictures.
I think this is one of the things I am looking forward to the least, right after an episiotomy.
This is how you hold a newborn!? Apparently I've been doing it wrong for years!

The sad thing is, our difference in reading styles is very similar to the differences in our personalities. I like the fluffy, lighthearted but informative reads that interject personal stories, while Chris can't stand them. To him they are like small talk; a waste of time. He prefers (insert, only reads, here) technical documents. Calculator manuals are his go to for relaxation.

But they say that opposites attract, right? In that case we are super glued together:)

Monday, June 14, 2010

Wife of the Year

...I am not.

I had a good day today...did some grocery shopping, blogging, a little light cleaning, prepared for our last Bradley class that is tonight. Pregnancy wise I was feeling pretty good except for the heartburn induce by one little bitty tiny peppermint. But that's another story. But overall a good day. I started dinner early because we are taking a meal to the couple in our Bradley class that had their baby last week. (Potato soup, french bread, green salad, and strawberries)

So there I was, happy as a clam, cooking away when there is a rather frantic knock at the door and the lower lock being unlocked hurriedly. Let me enter a side note here...my cell phone was on vibrate and in my purse, the last time I had checked it was at twelve thirty when I got home from the store...and the door was locked and dead bolted. I opened the door to find a sweaty, frustrated looking Chris. At four pm. An hour and a half before he normally gets home. Immediately I think something is wrong, he even looked a nauseated. When I asked if he was okay, he reply, " I am, now!"

Oh but I suck. Suck bad.

Apparently he had tried calling me at lunch to check on me and get some dates of doctor's appointments for his work calendar. I didn't answer and he left a message. (The phone was on vibrate and I was shopping!) He thought that possibly my purse and keys had been locked in the car overnight and I was just stuck at home or didn't hear the phone. No worries, right?  But then he tried calling again when I didn't call back. At 1:30 and 2:30 and 3:30...and when I didn't pick up then he decided to leave work early and come check on me.  (Don't think that he's over the top, I am generally very good at calling back and I am thirty-five weeks pregnant. And last night might have been complaining about feeling funny and super tired.) So he drives home. Thirty minutes in a truck with no air conditioner, thinking his crazy, pregnant, klutzy-to-the-max wife has had some sort of emergency. As he is pulling into our apartment complex he sees several police cars and a Care Flight helicopter. I think that's when the panic really set in. And to top it off, both locks were locked to he couldn't get into the apartment. Needless to say, when I started laughing when he explained himself he wasn't amused. At all.

So from now on my phone will be on RING at all times. 

And I have no idea who all the emergency personnel were really for.

And according to Chris he wasn't panicked, he was prepared.

Thursday Night Fun

For the past few months Chris has taken part in a local recreational volleyball league. The other teammates are either his coworkers or teachers from a local school district. Playing has been a great way to meet some awesome people from the area, and our team (I'm designated cheerleader, thank you very much.) is quite good. Like so good we actually won last Thursday night. One game out of six, but whatever, we won one!

Chris talked Shawn into playing as well. (Shawn and Jessica moved back to DFW at the end of May. Shawn graduated (!) and they are here to stay. Chris is THRILLED!)
And for the record, I am NOT Sarah. This is pretty much the limit of my photography skills. *sigh*

The entire team. (Left to right) Dino, Terri, Todd, Cassie, A hot guy with hairy legs, Christie, Shawn, Ebony, and Lonny.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

35/35! (Pregnancy Highlights)

As in thirty-five weeks, with only thirty-five days to go! AAAAA!

*hyperventilates into a bag*

Pregnancy Highlights:
How Far Along: 35 weeks!
Size of baby: Big. Over five pounds and eighteen inches long. (I can agree with the length, but I believe the weight might be an over estimation, seeing as he is measuring a week behind)
Total Weight Gain/Loss: Nothing in the last two weeks! Woot, woot! But not from lack of trying:)
Maternity Clothes: Fitting like a glove. A stretched out, high-water glove.
Gender: Boy.
Movement: Is shocking sometimes, the munchkin is getting strong!
What I miss: Not scaring myself when I walk past a mirror. For real, I do a double take every time. I don't feel that big!
Sleep: Has been really great this week. I'm back to using about ten pillows, which really helps:)
Symptoms: Funky dreams, mainly about hygiene school and how some day I'll have to go back. No thank you. PSD--look it up, I will NOT wear the support band. I will not! Oh and this is a new one, feeling like I'm choking if I lay flat on my back. Probably caused by my stunning double chin.
Cravings: Cool things. Fruit, veggies, and ice water.
Best Moment this week: Getting to schedule the rest of our prenatal appointments!
What I am looking forward to: Going fabric hunting this afternoon. Watch the mail this week Abbey!

And in honor of looking like (according to a random delivery man) I have about a week left before I pop, let's have a poll, shall we? 

Closest guess on when he gets here and how much he weighs wins an imaginary pat on the back from me. :) Poll in the top, right hand side of the screen. And to make things fair, this has been a super normal pregnancy. No pre-term labor signs or complications except for a few braxton hicks last weekend. I have many stretch marks and my Mom had most of her children (six out of seven) early. He is still very high and his position is unknown. (First internal at 36 weeks, 4 days.)

My vote is for July 1st or 3rd, with a weight between six and seven pounds. If he wants to be shaped like a bullet and well oiled that's fine with me!

(And for the record, I think he will have a moderate amount of blonde hair and dark blue eyes that will eventually turn gray or hazel.)

Monday, June 7, 2010

Stick a fork in me, I look done!

Last night Chris and I took a walk around the complex before bed. I wasn't feeling very great, and Chris thought that walking might be better than laying in bed and whining. He was right--I felt much better after getting some fresh air:)

Much of it was thanks to a woman at the pool. We had stopped to put our feet in and talk for a bit before going back inside. I guess the waddle is becoming severe, and I will admit that getting up and down is difficult and requires significant finesse. I must have put on quite a show, because as soon as I sat down I heard a shocked voice from across the pool, " OMG! Are you in labor!?" Umm, no. Not in the slightest. In fact we have about six weeks before that should happen.  As much as I wanted to scream, grab my belly, and fall headfirst into the pool, I resisted.(Although the pink bra under white t-shirt would have added quite a bit to a fake labor, don't you think?)

I guess I must look like a swallowed a watermelon that's trying to escape. She was politely apologetic when I explained that we were just out for a walk...a normal non-labor inducing walk. But she did leave shortly after. :)

This morning we had our 34 week check, and everything looked great.He is measuring a week behind, but our obstetrician was not concerned. She felt like for my frame size and given the fact I was sick yesterday that was within normal limits. He also grew from the last appointment so growth restriction isn't a concern at this time. His heart rate was in the 150's, even the 160's for a second while he was trying to dodge the doppler. We have one more two week appointment and then every week for three weeks. Then hopefully he's here!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Maternity pictures!

While we were in College Station Sarah took maternity/anniversary pictures for us! She does a fantastic job and somehow found a way to make me not look like a hippo. Yay! 
Getting bigger every day! Nothing fits except the really comfortable clothes like Chris's t-shirts. When I grow out of these I might cry.
This is a very natural pose:) Sleep is my friend these days...who am I kidding, sleep as always been my friend.   
 33 weeks and four days. Ready to pop!
Isn't Chris the cutest? 
Funky lights in Blue Baker. 
This one is my personal favorite, probably not for Chris though, he had to kneel on tile while Sarah took this shot. On his freshly skinned knees:(
No, we still haven't decided on a name. We have two that we both really like, but aren't sure which is going to fit the munchkin better. He probably won't have a name until after he gets here. 
Alien Lydia. Yes Mom, I am wearing real clothes, promise. And no Michael, we aren't related to any aliens.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

34 Week Survey

Let's take a break from the vacation and talk about the joys of being  pregnant, shall we?

Pregnancy Highlights:
How Far Along: 34 weeks! That means only six weeks to go! (My personal goal is four. No more, no less.)
Size of baby: About 18 inches and over four and a half pounds! His main goals this week are maturation of his central nervous system, lung development, and packing on the adipose tissue.
Total Weight Gain/Loss: Still hovering at thirty, but I have quit weighing myself so we won't really know until next Monday's appointment. At this point though, who cares? Give me the cake!
Maternity Clothes: Are getting old. And boring. And hot.
Gender: Boy!
Movement:  All the time. He seems to love wedging his bottom under the right side of my rib cage and then proceeds to get the hiccups. I think it the highlight of his day.
What I miss: Being able to walk without waddling, and roll over in bed without fully waking up/kicking Chris.
Sleep: I have a feeling this will be the 'What I miss' next week...
Symptoms: Wacky dreams, some heartburn and reflux, back pain and round ligament pain, and when I try to waddle too fast my legs try to dislocate from my hips.(my, this is becoming a grumpy post, isn't?)
Best Moment this week: Chilling at the beach:) And freaking Israel out by simply waving the belly in his direction.
What I am looking forward to: Getting organized! (Because he won't get here until we are, right?)

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Vacation Part Two!

Thursday morning we made it to Galveston Island. Surprisingly, traffic coming through Houston was smooth and the island was pretty people free, the crazy herds of vacationers waited to show up until Saturday. My parents, Michael, Abbey, Israel, and Samuel joined us later that night. We all had a great time with the exception of the ridiculous mosquito population and bug spray that made my toe nail polish melt:)

Here is my Dad preparing to take Chris on in the epic ping pong tournament that lasted the entire weekend. For the record Chris only lost three times, once to my Dad, Israel, and Samuel.  And they had to tag team him for over two hours in ninety-five degree weather before that happened! 
Please note the backwards hat...this was a serious situation. The man doesn't go early '90's for nothing.

Waiting for Chris's next turn. I wanted to take pictures, he did not.
You would think that he would have been more cooperative, seeing as the munchkin and I were the only people cheering for him. Everyone else were trying desperately to beat him. :)

After Dad finally made a come back, still friends:)

For their birthdays, Chris and Michael were given boogy boards and crab nets by my parents. These boards skim the edge of the shoreline, kinda like surfing on sand and two inches of water. By the end of the weekend they were both quite accomplished, and could glide about 25-30 feet before flying off. Both guys are currently sporting skinned knees and Chris is missing a large portion of arm and leg hair. But they loved it!
For the record, Chris is 26 and Michael is 15. Seeing as Chris is right at six feet tall, I do believe that Michael is going to be a BIG dude! Israel and Samuel, watch your backs!

Teaching Dad to ride.

While the guys were practicing their boarding skills, this man was fishing about twenty feet off the shoreline. (in the middle of a crowd of small children, no less.) And he caught two sharks in about a fifteen minute period. Eek!
I did not go in the water after this. My toes are important to me. 
Israel and Dad helped remove the hook, no small feat, because this guy was pissed. As he should have been, especially if he realized that he was going home with these people. To be put in their salt water tank. Yeah, right...I bet you five bucks that he was dinner. 

Speaking of catching things to eat, Abbey was quite the finder of all things cool and mostly edible. Here she is with a shrimp:)

We had a really great time (thanks Mom and Dad!), and enjoyed a last get away before the little man gets here. Sunday afternoon we hit the road again for College Station to see Sarah and Hannah. (and have pictures taken!)

See what I mean about the truck being able to clear the road!?

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Vacation Part One!

Last Tuesday we got out of the city and headed towards the coast to celebrate a myriad of events; Chris and Michael's birthdays, Memorial Day, and our anniversary. Chris and I spent the first two days on Lake Conroe before joining my family in Galveston. 

Heading out of town...Chris is sporting his super protective ear wear because I told him that we needed to talk. Kidding, we were traveling in the Beast which creates quite a bit of road noise. :) 
The Beast is a pretty fantastic ride--not only is it super dependable, (it still runs after being caught on fire and rolled down a hill) but it can clear traffic like nobody's business. For some reason people are scared of it, and I really have no idea why;) We generally drive it on all of our long distance road trips; just last summer it made it to the top of Pike's Peak. Sadly, after the munchkin gets here we will no longer fit in the single cab, and the Beast will be retired to a boys only vehicle or for special date nights. 

Chris in Lake Conroe--super happy to be near the water again!
He also decided that this is our future lake house. Boats included. 

While we were there we enjoyed the swimming pool, (talk about awesome, I felt fifty pounds lighter and almost normal!) grilling, sleeping in, shopping at HEB, and putt putt. We have mad putt putt skills.
This was probably the nicest course I have ever seen, almost brand new! Who knew that they still build these things?! I thought it was required that putt putt courses had to be a least twenty-five years old. 

Chris trying to recover from hitting into a sand trap...

And into the culvert it went!

Believe it or not, this only added a point to his score:)
And I didn't even have to cook! Chris grilled yummy chicken kabobs. 

Thursday morning we were up bright and early (totally my idea, sorry Honey!) to head out to the beach! 

(Yes, I realize that I didn't post any pictures of me...I promise I was there! But, because this is my blog I don't have to post unflattering pictures of myself unless I want to, okay? :))