Saturday, May 22, 2010

While we're having fun this weekend...

....wanna see who we got to hang out with last weekend? 

Isn't she chunking up nicely? :) She looks a little grumpy here because Angela and I were dragging her all over town with us.

Chris and I were in Tyler over the weekend and got to see the majority of our families. Jackie was kind enough to share Addison with us for a night so we could practice our parenting skills. Poor Addison, she really must love her cousin to take one for the team like that:) She did great...Chris and I? Not so much. Every little sound she made had us second guessing what she needed/wanted. And sleep? HA! I think we figured out that the little man needs to sleep in his own room just so we can get some sleep and not come flying out of bed when he wiggles his little toe!

Baby shower today! Maybe I'll update with pictures tomorrow?

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