Friday, May 21, 2010


This is a Public Service Announcement.
Pregnant women do not like to have their belly's rubbed by strangers. Would you?
They do not need to need to be told how large and in charge they look. They already know. And most assuredly have cried about it.
They do not need to instructed on when to have the baby. Babies tend to come on their own schedules.
They do not need to be told that just because she is carrying high/low/in/out/all around she must be having a girl/boy. If she wants to know the sex, she'll probably go with a more proven method. If she doesn't, your spoiling the surprise!

So, to the produce manager at the grocery store, yes I am expecting. Its obvious.
To the woman at the barber shop, I do not plan on "having that baby in here." If I went into labor in your shop I would leave, trust me. It not like I'm going to sneeze and he is going to come flying out! (Wouldn't that be nice?!)
To the next non-family member or friend that touches the bump, I will retaliate. You will be the object of some very awkward public stroking.
And the to three different people that have told me I am going to be huge by July, thank you. I needed to hear that.

So I repeat, do not touch, talk about her size, assume the sex of the child, or offer advice to a pregnant person. She is laughing or growling at you on the inside.


  1. If she doesn't, your spoiling the surprise!
    Change it to "you're" and delete this comment.

  2. Is this really an issue? Bizarre!

    I for one, think pregnant bellies feel a bit like over-inflated balloons, and don't particularly enjoy touching them, for risk of popping em. :P

    Maybe if you apologized profusely after they touched you and said you had virulent hand foot and mouth disease, and hopefully if they wash their hands quickly they won't get it too?

  3. Ugh I know! I often thought of rubbing people's (non-pregnant) bellies back and seeing how they liked it?