Saturday, May 8, 2010

Garage Sale Ninjas

This morning I talked *begged/whined/pleaded/bribed with a trip to the donut shop--Okay, that last one might have been for me...* Chris into going garage saling. He was quite the trooper, woke up early on a Saturday and drove me all over Tarrant county. Overall, I think he was glad that he went--other than being my body guard, he found some very exciting stuff. Stuff I wouldn't have looked twice at. :)

Like this Hp calculator:

 It came with its original case and was five dollars. I my opinion a bit pricey for a 'broken' electronic from the 1980's. In Chris's opinion? Totally awesome. He is an Hp only kinda guy, and this was top of the line back in the day. I was still questioning his purchase when we got back into the truck, where he informed me that this very relic sells for one hundred and fifty bucks online. What!? Yes, please! Ebay here we come! (But probably not because Chris thinks its cute.)

His other big finds of the day included some textbooks on accounting, programming, and physics. All for a dollar.

Our real goal was to find baby gear-- clothes,books, and furniture. We found a couple of cute receiving blankets, some board books, a stick pony and a pair of pajamas, but not many people had things for little boys. The majority of the sales that we stopped at had little girl things, so Addison (the niece) got some really darling summer clothes!

We did find an awesome deal on a stroller. We got this Phil and Ted jogging stroller in black with the second child attachment for forty dollars! Makes me happy because the cheapest that I could find it online was 449.00 without the attachment. Score!

It also came with a travel bag and what we think is the adapter kit to make it a travel system. Which would allow us to connect the car seat directly to it for when the little guy is an infant. It does have a tear on the fabric of the seat, but I think I can fix it.

Mom, we'll find one for Faith and Olivia next, okay? :)

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  1. LOVE that stroller, awesome deal!!! Happy Mother's Day to you, mommy-to-be!!!