Saturday, May 15, 2010

Disk Golf

The house hunting hasn't made much progress. In fact, we (I) keep changing the area of the search's focus. I spent a day previewing houses last week in Arlington, and really didn't love anything about the neighborhoods. All were laid out in the typical city fashion--one identical house on top of the next with either a school, park, or both in the middle. Nothing special. And just like the area that we are living in now. The downside that I saw was an increase in the crime rates. I don't know if it is related to the change in police forces (Arlington versus Fort Worth) or the easy access to a major escape route. (I-20)

So I am redirecting the search once again. We are going to be looking on the north side of the city and in a small neighborhood that is north-east of downtown. North of town provides a better school district that would increase our chances of selling/renting the house in five years, and the neighborhood close to downtown would shorten Chris's commute and the houses are older and full of character. Wish us luck!

In attempt to 'like' the area more, we have been exploring. Garage sale shopping turned into neighborhood shopping. And last Tuesday we checked out a local park and played some disk golf. Okay, Chris played, I walked. Waddled, whatever. 
Don't laugh at the socks, to his credit he didn't know we were leaving the apartment. And check out what I was wearing....At seven and a half months pregnant:) Can you say classy?
But hey, it still fits and it was free!