Thursday, May 27, 2010

Church Baby Shower

A post with pictures, aren't you excited!?

This weekend two very sweet ladies from our church hosted a shower for the little man. It was beautiful and the munchkin was given lots of useful things, including some fantastic homemade items that he (I) will cherish forever.
The hostesses, Sheilah and Linda
These two ladies were terrific hostesses! Sheilah shared a reading about your child being a masterpiece that was used at her baby shower eighteen years ago; it was beautiful. And Linda gave me a Mommy recovery kit full of some great Avon products so I can pamper myself before and after he gets here. 

The gift table--see the awesome sign that the pastor, and Sheilah's husband, made for the little guy? We are going to frame it and put it up in the nursery. 

A few of the ladies who came. It was great to see my Aunt Becky and cousin Beth. Lisa, Angela, and Addison drove in from Quitman as well as my Mom and Abbey from Lindale.  This little man is greatly loved!

I love my little helper's face in this one...She had just found out that her grandmother made this quilt!

I had a picture of everyone together, but unfortunately it came out a little blurry. All the pictures I posted are thanks to Mrs. Gitchell--I took my camera but forgot to use it! Skills, right? 

Now to organize his bedroom and find a home for all his things!


  1. Nice, looks like you raked in... :) Jk. See you tonight, maybe? Later... Oh, and why did you hide your stomach!?! I can't see how
    -overwieght- I mean big you are... It's good! You need to have some... Alright I'm just digging my hole deeper.

  2. So cute! And so happy you're at 33 weeks! Keep cookin him for another month and you'll be good to go! ;)