Monday, May 31, 2010

Happy Anniversary to Us!

Two years ago today we were doing this. 
 And this...
And a little of this...
And some more of this...
Okay, so a lot of that! Give us a break, we had been on a kissing hiatus since the beginning of Lent!

Thanks to my wonderful husband for two remarkable years! Who ever knew that we'd be 83.9% of the way to a family of three by now:)

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Happy Birthday Chris!

Somebody special turns 26 today! And in honor of his special day we are here...
Okay, so maybe it looks more like this, but whatever, we are at the beach!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Church Baby Shower

A post with pictures, aren't you excited!?

This weekend two very sweet ladies from our church hosted a shower for the little man. It was beautiful and the munchkin was given lots of useful things, including some fantastic homemade items that he (I) will cherish forever.
The hostesses, Sheilah and Linda
These two ladies were terrific hostesses! Sheilah shared a reading about your child being a masterpiece that was used at her baby shower eighteen years ago; it was beautiful. And Linda gave me a Mommy recovery kit full of some great Avon products so I can pamper myself before and after he gets here. 

The gift table--see the awesome sign that the pastor, and Sheilah's husband, made for the little guy? We are going to frame it and put it up in the nursery. 

A few of the ladies who came. It was great to see my Aunt Becky and cousin Beth. Lisa, Angela, and Addison drove in from Quitman as well as my Mom and Abbey from Lindale.  This little man is greatly loved!

I love my little helper's face in this one...She had just found out that her grandmother made this quilt!

I had a picture of everyone together, but unfortunately it came out a little blurry. All the pictures I posted are thanks to Mrs. Gitchell--I took my camera but forgot to use it! Skills, right? 

Now to organize his bedroom and find a home for all his things!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Happy Birthday Michael Man!

Today, this handsome man-child, my youngest brother, turns 15! 
Only 364 days until you can drive! Or is Mom going to let you go for the fifteen and eight months thing?:)

Love you very much and can't wait to see you at the beach! Your gift is spectacular; you're going to love it! I mean, what 15 year old wouldn't love a gift that was picked out by your safety conscience brother-in-law? 

Saturday, May 22, 2010

While we're having fun this weekend...

....wanna see who we got to hang out with last weekend? 

Isn't she chunking up nicely? :) She looks a little grumpy here because Angela and I were dragging her all over town with us.

Chris and I were in Tyler over the weekend and got to see the majority of our families. Jackie was kind enough to share Addison with us for a night so we could practice our parenting skills. Poor Addison, she really must love her cousin to take one for the team like that:) She did great...Chris and I? Not so much. Every little sound she made had us second guessing what she needed/wanted. And sleep? HA! I think we figured out that the little man needs to sleep in his own room just so we can get some sleep and not come flying out of bed when he wiggles his little toe!

Baby shower today! Maybe I'll update with pictures tomorrow?

Friday, May 21, 2010


This is a Public Service Announcement.
Pregnant women do not like to have their belly's rubbed by strangers. Would you?
They do not need to need to be told how large and in charge they look. They already know. And most assuredly have cried about it.
They do not need to instructed on when to have the baby. Babies tend to come on their own schedules.
They do not need to be told that just because she is carrying high/low/in/out/all around she must be having a girl/boy. If she wants to know the sex, she'll probably go with a more proven method. If she doesn't, your spoiling the surprise!

So, to the produce manager at the grocery store, yes I am expecting. Its obvious.
To the woman at the barber shop, I do not plan on "having that baby in here." If I went into labor in your shop I would leave, trust me. It not like I'm going to sneeze and he is going to come flying out! (Wouldn't that be nice?!)
To the next non-family member or friend that touches the bump, I will retaliate. You will be the object of some very awkward public stroking.
And the to three different people that have told me I am going to be huge by July, thank you. I needed to hear that.

So I repeat, do not touch, talk about her size, assume the sex of the child, or offer advice to a pregnant person. She is laughing or growling at you on the inside.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

A new post you say?

Sure, I can do that:) How about a cheesy survey?
Pregnancy Highlights:
How Far Along: 32 weeks!
Size of baby: 16 inches and closing in on four pounds.
Total Weight Gain/Loss: Even 30.
Maternity Clothes: Seeing as my girth is 41 inches, yes. All the time.
Gender: Boy! And he might have a name....maybe.
Movement: Of course. He is really running out of space in there, so I am starting to feel just about every movement. And not all of it is nice, sometimes it makes you sit up and say 'Ow!'. He also gets the hiccups:)
What I miss: Being able to sprint when the phone rings. Generally the silly thing is on the charger during the day and when it rings it takes quite a lot of waddling to get to it before it goes to voice mail. So if you call and I don't answer, try again, I'm almost there:)
Sleep: Slowly losing its charm. Rolling over is super difficult now, I'm pretty sure Chris wakes up to laugh every time I try to--its a major production which involves grunting, moving a body pillow, and normally a trip to the bathroom. 
Symptoms: Waking up at least once a night for a bathroom visit is now routine and the dreaming just won't end. Last night I was back in hygiene school and everyone there was trying to fail me but be my friend at the same time--actually that sounds more like a nightmare! Also, my arms have shrunk. Reaching things on higher shelves has become a problem. 
Best Moment this week: Getting mail for the munchkin almost everyday. He got the cutest onsie (Thanks Gina!) and a new pack'n'play. (Hi Lisa!) 
What I am looking forward to: The shower that is being hosted by the sweet ladies from our church this weekend! Because with the shower comes family:) Abbey and my Mom are spending the night with us on Friday, and I believe Lisa  and Angela are driving up on Saturday as well! (Chris's Mom and sister) Abbey, I need some tips on how to make labor quick and painless, so do some research, okay? Thanks. 

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Disk Golf

The house hunting hasn't made much progress. In fact, we (I) keep changing the area of the search's focus. I spent a day previewing houses last week in Arlington, and really didn't love anything about the neighborhoods. All were laid out in the typical city fashion--one identical house on top of the next with either a school, park, or both in the middle. Nothing special. And just like the area that we are living in now. The downside that I saw was an increase in the crime rates. I don't know if it is related to the change in police forces (Arlington versus Fort Worth) or the easy access to a major escape route. (I-20)

So I am redirecting the search once again. We are going to be looking on the north side of the city and in a small neighborhood that is north-east of downtown. North of town provides a better school district that would increase our chances of selling/renting the house in five years, and the neighborhood close to downtown would shorten Chris's commute and the houses are older and full of character. Wish us luck!

In attempt to 'like' the area more, we have been exploring. Garage sale shopping turned into neighborhood shopping. And last Tuesday we checked out a local park and played some disk golf. Okay, Chris played, I walked. Waddled, whatever. 
Don't laugh at the socks, to his credit he didn't know we were leaving the apartment. And check out what I was wearing....At seven and a half months pregnant:) Can you say classy?
But hey, it still fits and it was free!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Thirty One Weeks!

Pregnancy Highlights:
How Far Along:
 31 weeks exactly! Only nine weeks to go:)

Size of baby: 3.3 pounds, roughly the size of a bag of oranges. Which are delicious. 
Total Weight Gain/Loss: Lets just go with thirty even, I'm turning into a beast!
Maternity Clothes: All maternity all the time, and tacky free t-shirts from college.
Gender: Boy.
Movement: He's into water aerobics--all kinds of shakes, twists, and stretches. Abbey, I expect a foot rub if you want to feel it:)
Food Cravings: Anything but sweets. I still want them, but the high sugar content makes me miserable! Banana bread gives me heartburn but jalapeƱo pizza doesn't, how whack is that!?
What I miss: Energy.
Sleep: Still pretty great, although I have started getting up once a night because the bladder just can't take it.
Symptoms: Heartburn! And this past week it has felt like I've been bareback riding, but I totally haven't. Some major shifting  must be going on .

Check out the pretty flowers that my parents sent! Aren't they gorgeous? 

Monday, May 10, 2010

Thirty Week Appointment

Stats from this morning's appointment!

Weight: Three pounds closer to 200 :)
Belly measurement: 31 weeks (We are 30 weeks, four days)
Baby's heart rate: 145bpm
Blood pressure: 88/67 (This probably explains why I was so calm during the appointment and took a three hour nap when I got home.)

Results from the last appointment's tests:
Glucose screening: 115
Hematocrit: 38

Everything seems to be right on track, and we are schedule for another check-up in two weeks:)

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Garage Sale Ninjas

This morning I talked *begged/whined/pleaded/bribed with a trip to the donut shop--Okay, that last one might have been for me...* Chris into going garage saling. He was quite the trooper, woke up early on a Saturday and drove me all over Tarrant county. Overall, I think he was glad that he went--other than being my body guard, he found some very exciting stuff. Stuff I wouldn't have looked twice at. :)

Like this Hp calculator:

 It came with its original case and was five dollars. I my opinion a bit pricey for a 'broken' electronic from the 1980's. In Chris's opinion? Totally awesome. He is an Hp only kinda guy, and this was top of the line back in the day. I was still questioning his purchase when we got back into the truck, where he informed me that this very relic sells for one hundred and fifty bucks online. What!? Yes, please! Ebay here we come! (But probably not because Chris thinks its cute.)

His other big finds of the day included some textbooks on accounting, programming, and physics. All for a dollar.

Our real goal was to find baby gear-- clothes,books, and furniture. We found a couple of cute receiving blankets, some board books, a stick pony and a pair of pajamas, but not many people had things for little boys. The majority of the sales that we stopped at had little girl things, so Addison (the niece) got some really darling summer clothes!

We did find an awesome deal on a stroller. We got this Phil and Ted jogging stroller in black with the second child attachment for forty dollars! Makes me happy because the cheapest that I could find it online was 449.00 without the attachment. Score!

It also came with a travel bag and what we think is the adapter kit to make it a travel system. Which would allow us to connect the car seat directly to it for when the little guy is an infant. It does have a tear on the fabric of the seat, but I think I can fix it.

Mom, we'll find one for Faith and Olivia next, okay? :)

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Chris says the darndest things.

Yesterday was a fat day. We're talking major water retention here; I couldn't get my wedding ring to budge when on Tuesday it slid off no problem. I tried increasing my water intake, walking, resting with my feet up--nothing worked. By bed time I was still puffed up like a toad. Chris wasn't sympathetic. When I complained that my toes looked like sausages, he replied that they looked normal to him. Ouch. * strike one*

Then we started talking about overall weight gain. At my last check-up I was still holding steady with a past weigh in, and yesterday I took the scale out of the closet (were it has been banished) because I was having a pity party and feeling HUGE. Nothing, not a single pound. When I relayed this to Chris, he looked me up and down and said, "Well, that can't be right." *head explodes, strike two* Dude, seriously!? I'm thirty weeks pregnant, I've gained weight, I know that. But don't agree with me!

To give the guy some credit, he really didn't mean it that way. He rapidly explained that he meant I should be gaining weight at this point because the baby is rapidly increasing in size. He knows, he's been reading the books. But to see him go from commenting to a facial expression of absolute horror when he realized what he'd said was priceless:) Lucky for him, I laughed through his entire explanation and didn't go pregnant lady crazy on his tail. (Mom, I'm really very nice to Chris, I promise.)

And today everything is back to normal, I just took my ring off no problemo.

Week Thirty Highlights:
How Far Along: 30 weeks!
Size of baby: Three pounds, and roughly 17 inches long.
Total Weight Gain/Loss: We're up 26 pounds. Impressive, right Israel?
Maternity Clothes: Its depressing to try to put on anything else. I tried on a pre-baby swimsuit yesterday, ha.ha.ha.
Gender: Going with boy;) But have recently been wondering what we would name a surprise girl. I think we both actually agree on the name, its easier when there's no pressure!
Movement: Pretty consistent throughout the day, you can tell that space is getting limited because instead of kicking and punching, he stretches and slides around. Makes the belly look like it's doing the wave:)
Food Cravings: Pecan pie is delicious but gives me heartburn.
What I miss: Having a larger selection of clothing. Not a selection of larger clothing.
Sleep: Still pretty fantastic, although I occasionally wake up hot. (Read:: sweating like a pig. Hmmm, maybe that's where all that water weight went last night...)
Symptoms: Crazy dreams, heartburn from H-E-double hockey sticks, pelvic bone shifting that makes me waddle, gorgeous stretch marks, and excessive thirst.
Best Moment this week: The pool opening. Worst moment this week? Shopping for a swimsuit.
What I am looking forward to: Our appointment next Monday and organizing the second bedroom with Chris:)

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Swim suit shopping FAIL.

You know how difficult it is to find a decent swimsuit these days? (Read:: one that covers the scary stuff and only accentuates your better qualities) Trust me its much easier when you have twenty-five pounds and an additional person strapped around your middle. Why did I even try?!

Instead of snoozing by the pool, yesterday I headed to T.arget. Because while I can fake it here with a pair of shorts and a tank top, going to the beach at the end of the month probably won't be as much fun without a bathing suit. There were a couple of 'workable' options, but they both made you look like you had armpit boobs. Trust me, that's the one thing I don't have. (Or maybe just won't admit to yet.) I just couldn't make myself spend forty bucks on something that makes you look, well, flubby. Maybe if I could get it on sale it wouldn't seem so bad...

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Look what came in!

His car seat! The UPS man dropped it off right before Chris got home and of course I couldn't wait an additional ten minutes to open it:) (I did, however, apologize to the driver--it was pouring rain and we live on the second floor. )
And it came with an in car base! After the website specifically said that it would need to be ordered separately. I'm glad that I didn't order them together; we will only need one because the truck isn't exactly three people friendly.

Yesterday's to do list went pretty well--I only chickened out on buying the purse and forgot to pick up the oil. Sarah, your coupon is coming snail mail, so give it a few days:)

Today I'm going to check out the pool, it opened this weekend!

Monday, May 3, 2010

On the menu for today...

EDIT: First egg I cracked for breakfast! This is a good omen for the day, right? This list is getting done!
(NOT a farm fresh egg, I bought this at A.lbertsons, thank you very much.)

Or in other words: Lydia's list of things to do. By 7:00pm :)

1. Find a Pediatrician. read:: Filter the list of doctors that take our insurance and find the few that are willing to include parents in medical decisions, and schedule an interview at a time that Chris can make. Any suggestions on what to look for are greatly appreciated!
2. Buy oil/filters for both vehicles.
3. Clip Sunday coupons.
4. Grocery shop.
5. Post office run. Pants back to, and coupon to Sarah.
6. Camera to repair shop.
7. Finish hospital bag list.
8. Order Mother's Day gifts :) This one should be fun!
9. Sam Moon. Totally going back for a super sized purse that Angela and I found when she was here this weekend:) Also picking up some supplies for making little girl baby shower gifts.
10. Hobby Lobby. For the rest of the supplies.
11. Feed the bump at least 80 grams of protein. We are at zero right now.
12. Recheck library books.
13. Bradley class. Starts at seven and I am responsible for the snack tonight.
14. Blog. Heehee, had to put this on here so I could cross something off the list!

Check back tomorrow and see if I got anything done?