Monday, April 26, 2010

Twenty-eight week appointment.

(But for the record, we are twenty-eight weeks four days.)

This morning I had the dreaded glucose test. Before breakfast. It was like drinking concentrated Koolaid; so sweet that the aftertaste almost has a chemical burn. By the time I got to the office which is all of three minutes down the street, I was shaking. Think hummingbird. A big roly-poly hummingbird. I think that I might have scared a few of the newly pregnant people in the waiting room. As soon as they drew blood I started eating the snacks I keep in my purse. (granola bar and almonds with raisins) Of course as soon I took a huge bite, the doctor walks in. At least she knows that I have a healthy appetite. :)

Everything looks great; heartbeat in the high 140's, on track size wise, and she thought that my depression over the newly developed stretch marks was funny. But I didn't gain any weight in the last two weeks--which on one hand is fine, I've gained plenty already, but on the other hand makes me wonder why. Am I doing something wrong?! Probably not, I eat like a horse. It it most likely related to fluid retention.

And I don't know if it was the sugar high, or the fact that the appointment was early and I didn't have time to work up a panic, but I wasn't really anxious. Score!

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  1. Um in that pic Sarah posted I didn't see ANY stretch marks, missy!

    The glucose test is the worst! It reminds me of a super duper concentrated Crush soda.

    Oh, and how would you like a blog makeover sometime soon? Got lots of card orders but only a couple blogs right now so I'd be happy to make it beautiful for ya if you're interested. (No charge, cause your sister is awesome, so thank her. ;))