Saturday, April 3, 2010

So the pregnancy crazies have kicked in. Or maybe its normal Lydia, but I doubt it. All the the sudden WE. MUST. BUILD. FURNITURE! (We, because Chris builds and I watch/eat) Blogs like this one don't help.

Poor Chris had the day off from work for Good Friday, and I thought it was great that he was home so we could be productive. That's why they give you paid holidays, right? I forcefully removed him from bed at a ridiculous hour and we were off to Home Depot. Did you know that they will precut wood for you? Yep. Pretty awesome service, which I am really glad about. Probably would have had difficulty talking Chris into buying a table saw for the patio. I did wrangle a belt sander out of him. 'Honey, this will be so helpful around the house, we can use it on everything!' At the end of the day, Chris admitted to liking projects like this. Bad idea telling me that Weldy, I have a list. :) Next up is a hinged coffee table that we can store our laptops in, and then a set of Pottery Barn knock-off bookcases.

Our first project? A set of benches for the dining room. We are currently using two unmatched chairs that were possibly saved from a dumpster in College Station. They are an awesome shade of purple.
Tada! The finished product! We made two, and they still need to be sanded and painted, but they are both level and solid. Not bad:)
I am really excited that they turned out so well--on to the next item on the list!

After we ran out of daylight, Chris help me move some furniture around in the spare bedroom. The bookcase is now in our room, and our dresser is in the closet. Now we can hang pictures in the guest room and make it pretty. Come visit Mom and you can see, okay?


  1. That's awesome Lydia! The Pottery Barn bookcases were my favorite on the site. What color will you be painting all this new furniture?

  2. 6:42?!? A.M.?!? On a Saturday?! Mom and Dad like the "furniture," it looks nice! I am surprised that it was level, if I would of made it, would of been... ...yeah. Going to watch "Fantastic My Fox."
    Michael Simeon... :)

  3. That's so cool and I'm now hooked on that blog! Yikes...this could get ugly since we'll finally have a garage for Trav to work in and I have a list of things we "need" for the house! :)

    Way to go, the bench looks great and I'm sure it will look nice with the table when the other one is done! Post pictures!