Monday, April 12, 2010

Mom, I got this from you...

Twenty-six week doctor's appointment today. Horrible. My blood pressure was 136/78 and I weighed NINE pounds more than I do at home. Eek! The weight thing, whatever. They made me sit in the waiting room for 45 minutes after I drank half a gallon of water, so I am chalking it up to water weight and scale variation. But the blood pressure?! I'm a mellow person, it's generally in the 110's. I was jittery the whole visit, and when I left just wanted to cry from relief even though everything checked out perfectly. Le sigh. Mom, I'm blaming my white coat phobia and that ridiculous hair on my chin on you okay?

The little man is doing fantastically. Heartbeat was in the 150's (he must have been nervous too!), my weight gain is right on track (ha!), and now we start going every two weeks. Joy, more visits to the doctor. I'm making Chris go with me next time.

After that traumatic experience I headed to the mall for something worse. Shopping for maternity clothes. I have been having the worst luck finding things that fit and today wasn't much better. Why is there only one place to buy maternity clothes? The G.ap that I went to (which is a mega store) doesn't have a maternity section. I learned from a sales clerk that there is only one in Fort Worth. None of the major department stores had a maternity section either. At M.otherhood I found a really cute skirt and dress, but no jeans that fit. I did try on a pair of skinny jeans. Yeah, that was a huge body image boost. NOT.

See what else I got from you Mom? Thanks!


  1. Love that maternity skirt! I always had luck in Target's maternity section. Also, check their clearance racks, as the maternity clearance is often in with the regular womens' clearance.

    Old Navy stores sometimes have a maternity section, but you have to call around to find one that does.

    I liked Motherhood, but it's really overpriced. always runs maternity clothes, sometimes designer maternity jeans.

    WalMart STINKS for mat. clothes. Seriously.

    I hope you can find some cute ones soon!

  2. Israel says goodnight to the "belly!" Love ya.

  3. Honey,
    You can "blame" me all you want, I'm a big girl and having babies was like rolling off a log ; ). I di eat my 80 grams of protein and walk every day..... so do that O.K.
    Maybe Abbey can make you something. What you found is cute.
    Love you and the "bump"

  4. Wait until you see that one picture of you years later when you think " Oh crap...why didn't someone shoot me?" I had look at Target and Old Navy plus sometimes children't consignment stores carry maternity clothes. The perfect jeans are elusive but when you find will wear them until little man is 3!!!!