Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Look who came to visit!

Addison! (...and her Mommy, of course. Hi Jackie!)

Jackie needed to follow a few paperwork trails in order to apply for the passports that she and Addison will need to join Daniel in Korea, so they came to Fort Worth. There is a Navy base about twenty minutes from our apartment. The original plan was for the girls to drive down in the morning, but with an 8:30 appointment and a three hour drive, I convinced Jackie to drive in the night before. (Okay, so maybe Jackie suggested it, but I thought it was a great idea!) Chris also preferred this arrangement because it meant that he would be able to see Addison, not missing her completely while he was at work.

They arrived about the same time we were returning from our weekly Bradley class. (Which went swimmingly btw, I got a great massage and Chris was given instructions to practice at least twice more this week--YES!!!) As we pulled into the parking space next to Jackie's car, Chris looked at me and said, ' You carry our stuff (pillows), Jackie can get the suitcase, and I'll get the baby.' Okay. Calling dibs already I see... Into the apartment we went, Chris talking to Addison the entire way. I ran to the bathroom, because that's what I do, and all of thirty seconds later returned to the living room. Chris was already dancing around the room with the baby. And wouldn't relinquish her to me until she started crying during bath time. The man is smitten.

I do believe I'll have to fight him for time with the little man when he arrives...which is approximately 100 days from now! Eek!

After her bath, she wasn't very happy to be photographed naked. (Please note Chris hovering, waiting for his turn to hold her.)
Yes, the bump is getting ridiculous.

Horrible lighting, but look at the rolls! (Sarah, I'm going to call you about a better camera, I promise.)

No trip is complete without a stop at Freebirds. :)


  1. Aww a baby looks cute on you! :) Looks like he'll be a wonderful daddy!

  2. Gee thanks, Michael. I put that picture up to freak Israel out, not you!

  3. I know! doesn't 100 days seem awful close?!?! I was telling Hannah and Sam that you were that close and they were SHOCKED.

    Speaking of shocking, boy has that belly gotten cute! I plan on shooting it in the bluebonnets!

    Yes. Please do upgrade that camera! (Or take the broken 20D home with you and see if it can be fixed?)