Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Hospital Tour

One of the things on my Get Prepared list was learning the who, what, when, and how of where we will be having the munchkin. I was kind of dreading it--hospitals really aren't a place that I like to hang out. I've never spent the night in one. (because my Mom is intense:: Hi Mom!) Woohoo! This will be another first for Lydia.

It was actually fairly encouraging. For starters, when I called to schedule a tour I asked who they were given by and was told an administrative assistant. Hmm, not good enough. Will a secretary know all the ridiculous details that we Weldy's want to know? I think not. So I asked if nurses ever gave tours, or if we could speak to one during the walk through. I was told they would find out and get back to me. Believe it or not, somebody actually called me back. And it was a nurse! And she gave me her personal cell number. And her name is Judy! Good signs, right? So last night off we went for an after hours tour with Judy the nurse. She did a great job, very informative with personal recommendations on what to bring and ways to get on your nurse's good side.

Here is a pseudo schedule of events: (I'm putting it on here so that I can reference it later when the goldfish memory kicks in)

Step 1: Go into labor, preferably at home.
Step 2: Hospital arrival, checked in L&D triage to confirm actual labor. (Trust me, there will be no false alarms, I'll probably be dilated to a 7 and Chris will still have to drag me kicking and screaming into the place.)
Step 3: Assigned a L&D room. (These were very nice-large shower with jacuzzi jets, small sitting room for visitors. The building is only two years old so everything is pretty top of the line. )
*side note: Extra people are welcome to be in the room during the beginning stages, after that you will get booted to the waiting area. We want to do this a naturally as possible, which means its going to hurt like the dickens. And I'm a crier. An ugly crier. Trust me, you don't want to see it.
Step 4: Have baby. Immediate cleanup, bonding, check to make sure everyone is peachy. Vitamin K shot and eye drops.
*side note: After he has had a snack and I'm decent, extras can come back in, okay?
Step5: Transfer to post-partum, about two hours after delivery. Baby goes to nursery for physical and bath, Chris goes with.
Step 6: Baby returned to room, which incidentally is also very nice, even has a mini fridge and Murphy bed.
Step 7: Go home, 48 to 72 hours after delivery.

Somewhere between steps 1 and 2 we will call the Momma's. We, meaning Chris. Oh heck, I'm a control freak, I'll probably call.

The only thing that unnerved us was the way that she kept reiterating how if anything goes wrong, even a little hiccup, they'll do a c-section. Eek! Only if its a big hiccup. Not for some silly liability insurance clause or its five o'clock somewhere. IN CASE OF EMERGENCY ONLY! Do you hear that people!?! I do not want my abdominal muscle cut in half for kicks, okay? Only if absolutely medically necessary.

Actually seeing the facility and knowing that staying there is in our immediate future really gets you thinking. During the tour I was mentally cataloging the additional things I wanted to add to the 'what to pack for the hospital' list. Obviously great minds think alike because when we got to the car and were reviewing what we had learned, Chris asked me if there was any way that I could gather all the things that we will be needing and have it all together, just in case. Um yes, that I can definitely do. :)

So this week I will be packing all the items I can (ie: things not used daily) and creating a list of things that will need to be added last minute. Suggestions? What was really helpful for you? I've heard that mint flavored chewing gum for the coach is a big winner, especially if you run out the door for the hospital at 4:00am and he forgets to brush his teeth. Encouraging words whispered in your ear really just don't mean the same thing when they smell like last nights garlic bread.

This might seem a little early, but preparation is the best form of prevention, right?

PS: Dad, there is a Starbucks in the lobby and the entire hospital has wi-fi. :)

PPS: And by extras, I mean everybody but Chris. He has to stay.


  1. Okay, Lydia! HE'll go BLIND if you give him the eye drops... ...AND if he goes to the nursery, he'll get mixed up with the other babies, and you'll never know!!! I should go with hiM?

  2. Chill Michael, Chris will be watching them like a hawk. That was one of his chief concerns:) I mean, who would want our baby? He is going to be awesome!

  3. I brought my own pillow (very attached to my down pillow) but it was nice to have something of my own... not to mention really comfy verses hospital pillows.

  4. Can you bring a pajama gown so you can change out of the hospital gown after delivery? (Apparently it has to be a gown as they'll need to check you and pajama bottoms are a hassle.)

    You'll also need to bring a camera.

    What's a Murphy bed?

  5. If it's a girl I get, a, HUNDRED DOLLARS!!!

    BOOM BABY!!!