Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A day in the life...

I'm beginning to regret telling Chris that I would find our next house. House hunting is for the birds! Today I spent a couple of hours driving around potential neighborhoods narrowing down the possible list I had created from the MLS listings. Let me tell you, there are some pretty funky places that people want a lot of money for out there. While 'browsing' I would just pull over in front of the house to get a good look and then drive around the block to check out the quality of the neighbors. I stopped in front of a really darling, well kept home in a not so well kept area, wasn't blocking the drive, just simply parked in front of the home, and the owners pulled up. Cute little elderly couple. Not so cute attitude. They HONKED at me to make me move! What the heck?! I mean, hello, you have a for sale sign in your yard, people will be driving by to check the place out! Needless to say, I will not be back.

This is one of the two possibilities that I found today. Well kept house, lots of kitchen counter space, hardwood throughout, and across the street from the Trinity Trails. (Park system that borders the Trinity river which runs downtown) In theory, Chris could ride a bicycle to work if both the cars blow up.

Option number two: Very similar house on a mature street. I love that it has shade trees. My concern with this one is that there are no inside pictures with the online listing and when I drove by no sign in the yard. Also, the price was increased by 15k one day after it was placed on the market. Do they need to get more for it, or are they just trying to get more for it?
I've sent an email to our agent for more information...we'll see what develops!

Because I am a sucker for grocery stores, I also stopped in here:
Kind of a funny grocery chain, German based I think, they only carry one brand of each product and the selection is limited. You bring reusable bags with you or simply carry your groceries out, if you want to use a cart in the store it is a returnable fee of a quarter. Pretty nifty. I found strawberries, raised in California, for ninety-nine cents and whole wheat pasta for 1.09. (And it has 7 grams of protein per serving--beat that Abbey!)

Tonight I plan on dealing with the mountain of laundry that somehow piled up in our bedroom. Fun, fun. :) Chris is working late (read: dinner at the Stockyards!) so I've got to find something to keep me occupied:)


  1. Milk has 8 grams per serving !HAH! :) I had 119 grams of protein today... ...I had to go into Pandora and listen to like some rock'ish music to finish breakfast... :P Oh, those elderly people sound nice... :P I liked the first house best. Just looks cleaner...

  2. I'm gonna need a belly shot. I know you're coming to visit me in like...8 days? But I'm not sure if I can wait that long. :(