Monday, April 19, 2010

Back to the drawing board...

Remember this house? Pretty cute, right?
Turns out it was pretty cute on the inside too. Chris and I (and out poor realtor, Becky) went to look at it on Saturday morning. In the rain. Somehow we always end up looking at houses in the rain. Sign of a blessing, or something like that, right?

*Focus Lydia, finish the story*

Right. So we looked at the house, liked it. Many updates had been done, it was well maintained, and had only had three owners in fifty years. There were still a few things that we could have done to improve the place/increase the value, but it was very livable--an issue that we have been running into with the last few places that we looked at. And it even had a certain degree of charm. Read:: could have been made into an adorable home, with wood floors and telephone nooks.

So we made an offer. Granted it was a very low offer, because the list price was a little high, the owner had been decreasing the price every week, and it had been on the market for forty-five days with no interest. And I didn't even freak out about it. Very proud of myself. (Pretty emotionally high strung these days:)) We figured if they accepted our offer, terrific!, but if not we would at least have a starting point for negotiations.

See how all this is past tense? That would be because someone else had the same brilliant idea we did but offered a couple thousand more than we did. So know they get to haggle with the seller. Drat! I think that was the part I was looking forward to the most. It would be like the ultimate couponing experience:)

Obviously God has a better plan for us. We have both been praying that this would be a yes or no decision, that we would just know. All signs have been yes, yes, and more yes from the beginning and then Bam! don't let the door hit you on the way out! Guess we'll take that as a no:)

Google Real Estate, here I come. This is the part I dislike the most, I would rather someone tell me, 'This is the house you need to buy, now try and get a good deal on it!'


  1. Aw I am sorry! That must be so frustrating!! Sounds like you're staying optimistic though, so good for you!

    Those shoes are from WalMart and I believe they're $3 right now, just FYI. ;)

  2. Aww, I was imaging little spud running around the yard... hahaha, It toook you lllikee a thousand years to post a new one...! :)

  3. That was MIchael, and still is.