Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Hospital Tour

One of the things on my Get Prepared list was learning the who, what, when, and how of where we will be having the munchkin. I was kind of dreading it--hospitals really aren't a place that I like to hang out. I've never spent the night in one. (because my Mom is intense:: Hi Mom!) Woohoo! This will be another first for Lydia.

It was actually fairly encouraging. For starters, when I called to schedule a tour I asked who they were given by and was told an administrative assistant. Hmm, not good enough. Will a secretary know all the ridiculous details that we Weldy's want to know? I think not. So I asked if nurses ever gave tours, or if we could speak to one during the walk through. I was told they would find out and get back to me. Believe it or not, somebody actually called me back. And it was a nurse! And she gave me her personal cell number. And her name is Judy! Good signs, right? So last night off we went for an after hours tour with Judy the nurse. She did a great job, very informative with personal recommendations on what to bring and ways to get on your nurse's good side.

Here is a pseudo schedule of events: (I'm putting it on here so that I can reference it later when the goldfish memory kicks in)

Step 1: Go into labor, preferably at home.
Step 2: Hospital arrival, checked in L&D triage to confirm actual labor. (Trust me, there will be no false alarms, I'll probably be dilated to a 7 and Chris will still have to drag me kicking and screaming into the place.)
Step 3: Assigned a L&D room. (These were very nice-large shower with jacuzzi jets, small sitting room for visitors. The building is only two years old so everything is pretty top of the line. )
*side note: Extra people are welcome to be in the room during the beginning stages, after that you will get booted to the waiting area. We want to do this a naturally as possible, which means its going to hurt like the dickens. And I'm a crier. An ugly crier. Trust me, you don't want to see it.
Step 4: Have baby. Immediate cleanup, bonding, check to make sure everyone is peachy. Vitamin K shot and eye drops.
*side note: After he has had a snack and I'm decent, extras can come back in, okay?
Step5: Transfer to post-partum, about two hours after delivery. Baby goes to nursery for physical and bath, Chris goes with.
Step 6: Baby returned to room, which incidentally is also very nice, even has a mini fridge and Murphy bed.
Step 7: Go home, 48 to 72 hours after delivery.

Somewhere between steps 1 and 2 we will call the Momma's. We, meaning Chris. Oh heck, I'm a control freak, I'll probably call.

The only thing that unnerved us was the way that she kept reiterating how if anything goes wrong, even a little hiccup, they'll do a c-section. Eek! Only if its a big hiccup. Not for some silly liability insurance clause or its five o'clock somewhere. IN CASE OF EMERGENCY ONLY! Do you hear that people!?! I do not want my abdominal muscle cut in half for kicks, okay? Only if absolutely medically necessary.

Actually seeing the facility and knowing that staying there is in our immediate future really gets you thinking. During the tour I was mentally cataloging the additional things I wanted to add to the 'what to pack for the hospital' list. Obviously great minds think alike because when we got to the car and were reviewing what we had learned, Chris asked me if there was any way that I could gather all the things that we will be needing and have it all together, just in case. Um yes, that I can definitely do. :)

So this week I will be packing all the items I can (ie: things not used daily) and creating a list of things that will need to be added last minute. Suggestions? What was really helpful for you? I've heard that mint flavored chewing gum for the coach is a big winner, especially if you run out the door for the hospital at 4:00am and he forgets to brush his teeth. Encouraging words whispered in your ear really just don't mean the same thing when they smell like last nights garlic bread.

This might seem a little early, but preparation is the best form of prevention, right?

PS: Dad, there is a Starbucks in the lobby and the entire hospital has wi-fi. :)

PPS: And by extras, I mean everybody but Chris. He has to stay.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Twenty-eight week appointment.

(But for the record, we are twenty-eight weeks four days.)

This morning I had the dreaded glucose test. Before breakfast. It was like drinking concentrated Koolaid; so sweet that the aftertaste almost has a chemical burn. By the time I got to the office which is all of three minutes down the street, I was shaking. Think hummingbird. A big roly-poly hummingbird. I think that I might have scared a few of the newly pregnant people in the waiting room. As soon as they drew blood I started eating the snacks I keep in my purse. (granola bar and almonds with raisins) Of course as soon I took a huge bite, the doctor walks in. At least she knows that I have a healthy appetite. :)

Everything looks great; heartbeat in the high 140's, on track size wise, and she thought that my depression over the newly developed stretch marks was funny. But I didn't gain any weight in the last two weeks--which on one hand is fine, I've gained plenty already, but on the other hand makes me wonder why. Am I doing something wrong?! Probably not, I eat like a horse. It it most likely related to fluid retention.

And I don't know if it was the sugar high, or the fact that the appointment was early and I didn't have time to work up a panic, but I wasn't really anxious. Score!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

House Pets

Look how well our vegetables are doing!
We are growing five pepper plants and three tomatoes. And they look like they are actually going to make it! *crosses fingers and throws salt over left shoulder* I believe that Chris hopes we will be so successful we have to make hot sauce.
Here are the tomatoes that have caused me quite a bit of stress. The two on the right were recommended for patio growth and are doing quite nicely after an initial scare which turned out to be a nitrogen deficiency. Thank you Dr. Google. But the little guy on the left has caused the most trouble. For starters I think he needs more sun, not much I can do about that. Also, I didn't realize until after I brought him home that he is actually two plants; so he is constantly competing with himself for nutrients and pot space. Then his leaves started to turn yellow and fall off! One emotional break down and a trip to the hardware store for special plant food later, he has started to make a comeback. Can you tell I need to get a life? :) (Yes Michael, I cried over a plant.)
And look! He may be the most stunt/starved/deprived plant we have, but he's doing his job! I kid you not, I called Chris at work about those little guys.:)

Oh yes, I really need to get a life.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Back to the drawing board...

Remember this house? Pretty cute, right?
Turns out it was pretty cute on the inside too. Chris and I (and out poor realtor, Becky) went to look at it on Saturday morning. In the rain. Somehow we always end up looking at houses in the rain. Sign of a blessing, or something like that, right?

*Focus Lydia, finish the story*

Right. So we looked at the house, liked it. Many updates had been done, it was well maintained, and had only had three owners in fifty years. There were still a few things that we could have done to improve the place/increase the value, but it was very livable--an issue that we have been running into with the last few places that we looked at. And it even had a certain degree of charm. Read:: could have been made into an adorable home, with wood floors and telephone nooks.

So we made an offer. Granted it was a very low offer, because the list price was a little high, the owner had been decreasing the price every week, and it had been on the market for forty-five days with no interest. And I didn't even freak out about it. Very proud of myself. (Pretty emotionally high strung these days:)) We figured if they accepted our offer, terrific!, but if not we would at least have a starting point for negotiations.

See how all this is past tense? That would be because someone else had the same brilliant idea we did but offered a couple thousand more than we did. So know they get to haggle with the seller. Drat! I think that was the part I was looking forward to the most. It would be like the ultimate couponing experience:)

Obviously God has a better plan for us. We have both been praying that this would be a yes or no decision, that we would just know. All signs have been yes, yes, and more yes from the beginning and then Bam! don't let the door hit you on the way out! Guess we'll take that as a no:)

Google Real Estate, here I come. This is the part I dislike the most, I would rather someone tell me, 'This is the house you need to buy, now try and get a good deal on it!'

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Pregnancy Highlights

How Far Along: 27 weeks! That means THIRD trimester:) It's all uphill from here!
Size of baby: A whole two pounds, and about fifteen inches long. He can now open and close his eyes.
Total Weight Gain/Loss: I have decided to stop discussing it. Forever. Apparently I broke our home scale, because according to the doctor's office it stopped measuring correctly about ten pounds ago--and just when I thought I was doing well!
Maternity Clothes: Yes. That and over-sized t-shirts paired with pajama pants. I did have a little more luck finding things that fit this week-Yay! Even got a shirt at New Y.ork and Company that isn't maternity but has a super long waist. I plan on wearing it forever. And possibly going back for more because it was on sale for cheap. I ordered two pair of jeans from, so hopefully one of them will fit. They were on sale as well and I had a 25% off coupon. Got the warm fuzzies when I hit submit order. :)
Gender: Pretty sure he's still a guy.
Movement: He has been behaving much better this week after deciding to sleep most of the last two. Especially today-wonder if that could be related to the pecan pie I ate for breakfast?
Food Cravings: No real cravings, but I did start choking on water again this week. If the morning sickness comes back I might go postal. For realz.
What I miss: My wedding ring fitting correctly.
Sleep: Somehow I always wake up on my back, with all four of my pillows on the floor or on top of Chris. Need to find a new way to prop myself on my side...
Symptoms: Nothing out of the ordinary, but it's much easier to wear myself out these days. Turning into quite the wimp.
Best Moment this week: Channeling the pregnancy crazies at AT&T customer service. A shorter fuse isn't always a bad thing, they start getting it when you gently explain exactly why you are frustrated.

It starting to sink in that he really could get here any day. (*hyperventilates*) At this point he has a ninety percent chance at outside survival, but after next week he is as good as cooked. And in six weeks will be quite the chunk. This guy made his debut at 33 weeks and look at him now! For some reason having an outside baby right now is a ridiculously scary thought for me, but Chris is like 'Bring it!' What?! Since when did we switch personalities?

Please excuse me, I need to go organize a closet.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A day in the life...

I'm beginning to regret telling Chris that I would find our next house. House hunting is for the birds! Today I spent a couple of hours driving around potential neighborhoods narrowing down the possible list I had created from the MLS listings. Let me tell you, there are some pretty funky places that people want a lot of money for out there. While 'browsing' I would just pull over in front of the house to get a good look and then drive around the block to check out the quality of the neighbors. I stopped in front of a really darling, well kept home in a not so well kept area, wasn't blocking the drive, just simply parked in front of the home, and the owners pulled up. Cute little elderly couple. Not so cute attitude. They HONKED at me to make me move! What the heck?! I mean, hello, you have a for sale sign in your yard, people will be driving by to check the place out! Needless to say, I will not be back.

This is one of the two possibilities that I found today. Well kept house, lots of kitchen counter space, hardwood throughout, and across the street from the Trinity Trails. (Park system that borders the Trinity river which runs downtown) In theory, Chris could ride a bicycle to work if both the cars blow up.

Option number two: Very similar house on a mature street. I love that it has shade trees. My concern with this one is that there are no inside pictures with the online listing and when I drove by no sign in the yard. Also, the price was increased by 15k one day after it was placed on the market. Do they need to get more for it, or are they just trying to get more for it?
I've sent an email to our agent for more information...we'll see what develops!

Because I am a sucker for grocery stores, I also stopped in here:
Kind of a funny grocery chain, German based I think, they only carry one brand of each product and the selection is limited. You bring reusable bags with you or simply carry your groceries out, if you want to use a cart in the store it is a returnable fee of a quarter. Pretty nifty. I found strawberries, raised in California, for ninety-nine cents and whole wheat pasta for 1.09. (And it has 7 grams of protein per serving--beat that Abbey!)

Tonight I plan on dealing with the mountain of laundry that somehow piled up in our bedroom. Fun, fun. :) Chris is working late (read: dinner at the Stockyards!) so I've got to find something to keep me occupied:)

Monday, April 12, 2010

Mom, I got this from you...

Twenty-six week doctor's appointment today. Horrible. My blood pressure was 136/78 and I weighed NINE pounds more than I do at home. Eek! The weight thing, whatever. They made me sit in the waiting room for 45 minutes after I drank half a gallon of water, so I am chalking it up to water weight and scale variation. But the blood pressure?! I'm a mellow person, it's generally in the 110's. I was jittery the whole visit, and when I left just wanted to cry from relief even though everything checked out perfectly. Le sigh. Mom, I'm blaming my white coat phobia and that ridiculous hair on my chin on you okay?

The little man is doing fantastically. Heartbeat was in the 150's (he must have been nervous too!), my weight gain is right on track (ha!), and now we start going every two weeks. Joy, more visits to the doctor. I'm making Chris go with me next time.

After that traumatic experience I headed to the mall for something worse. Shopping for maternity clothes. I have been having the worst luck finding things that fit and today wasn't much better. Why is there only one place to buy maternity clothes? The G.ap that I went to (which is a mega store) doesn't have a maternity section. I learned from a sales clerk that there is only one in Fort Worth. None of the major department stores had a maternity section either. At M.otherhood I found a really cute skirt and dress, but no jeans that fit. I did try on a pair of skinny jeans. Yeah, that was a huge body image boost. NOT.

See what else I got from you Mom? Thanks!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


How sad is it when you wake up and have to decide between peeing and making breakfast, because you are starving?! Just asking....:)

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Look who came to visit!

Addison! (...and her Mommy, of course. Hi Jackie!)

Jackie needed to follow a few paperwork trails in order to apply for the passports that she and Addison will need to join Daniel in Korea, so they came to Fort Worth. There is a Navy base about twenty minutes from our apartment. The original plan was for the girls to drive down in the morning, but with an 8:30 appointment and a three hour drive, I convinced Jackie to drive in the night before. (Okay, so maybe Jackie suggested it, but I thought it was a great idea!) Chris also preferred this arrangement because it meant that he would be able to see Addison, not missing her completely while he was at work.

They arrived about the same time we were returning from our weekly Bradley class. (Which went swimmingly btw, I got a great massage and Chris was given instructions to practice at least twice more this week--YES!!!) As we pulled into the parking space next to Jackie's car, Chris looked at me and said, ' You carry our stuff (pillows), Jackie can get the suitcase, and I'll get the baby.' Okay. Calling dibs already I see... Into the apartment we went, Chris talking to Addison the entire way. I ran to the bathroom, because that's what I do, and all of thirty seconds later returned to the living room. Chris was already dancing around the room with the baby. And wouldn't relinquish her to me until she started crying during bath time. The man is smitten.

I do believe I'll have to fight him for time with the little man when he arrives...which is approximately 100 days from now! Eek!

After her bath, she wasn't very happy to be photographed naked. (Please note Chris hovering, waiting for his turn to hold her.)
Yes, the bump is getting ridiculous.

Horrible lighting, but look at the rolls! (Sarah, I'm going to call you about a better camera, I promise.)

No trip is complete without a stop at Freebirds. :)

Saturday, April 3, 2010

So the pregnancy crazies have kicked in. Or maybe its normal Lydia, but I doubt it. All the the sudden WE. MUST. BUILD. FURNITURE! (We, because Chris builds and I watch/eat) Blogs like this one don't help.

Poor Chris had the day off from work for Good Friday, and I thought it was great that he was home so we could be productive. That's why they give you paid holidays, right? I forcefully removed him from bed at a ridiculous hour and we were off to Home Depot. Did you know that they will precut wood for you? Yep. Pretty awesome service, which I am really glad about. Probably would have had difficulty talking Chris into buying a table saw for the patio. I did wrangle a belt sander out of him. 'Honey, this will be so helpful around the house, we can use it on everything!' At the end of the day, Chris admitted to liking projects like this. Bad idea telling me that Weldy, I have a list. :) Next up is a hinged coffee table that we can store our laptops in, and then a set of Pottery Barn knock-off bookcases.

Our first project? A set of benches for the dining room. We are currently using two unmatched chairs that were possibly saved from a dumpster in College Station. They are an awesome shade of purple.
Tada! The finished product! We made two, and they still need to be sanded and painted, but they are both level and solid. Not bad:)
I am really excited that they turned out so well--on to the next item on the list!

After we ran out of daylight, Chris help me move some furniture around in the spare bedroom. The bookcase is now in our room, and our dresser is in the closet. Now we can hang pictures in the guest room and make it pretty. Come visit Mom and you can see, okay?