Friday, March 12, 2010

Team Blue!

We're having a boy. And he's super cute:) These feet are currently standing on my bladder, and he is facing out.

Look at that adorable profile! And large brain; he must be related to Chris. The big question is, will the back of his head be flat? Lol:)

Everything on the ultrasound looked great according to the doctor. Healthy baby measuring right on track, weighing in at a little over a pound.

Now, bring on the shopping for little boy clothes!


  1. How cute! I love ultrasound profile pics. so precious :) congrats on your new baby!

  2. I speak from personal experience...little boys are awesome!!! We are so happy for you!!!

  3. Yay! Sarah convinced you to start a blog, I see! :) I hope you don't mind me blog stalking you...I can't wait to see that beautiful boy! ;)

  4. dude, you're having a boy!! yay! so happy for you