Saturday, March 20, 2010

Rainy Saturday

Isn't is nice to be able to sleep in once in a while? Chris is currently still testing out the new pillows I picked up yesterday; I think they are a hit! (Sarah, next time you visit I will have a brand new pillow just for you, okay?)

Today we are planning on completing our baby registries. Gag. Who knew you needed so much stuff for one little person? I have been scouring the internet for ideas of the essentials, and have been completely flabbergasted at what some people considered necessary. Wipe warmers and matching bumper sets aren't must have basics in my opinion. But to each her own. I did find several very helpful mommy bloggers that posted about the items that were needed and those that made life simpler a few months after their baby arrived. By compiling those lists I think I now have a general idea, was able to do some brand research, and checked with consumer reports on the big items. But still the list of little things that we need is a mile long! Good grief!

We are registering at and Target. Amazon, well because I am a sucker for internet shopping and getting a good deal. And Target, because it is ridiculously convenient to our apartment.

Wish us luck and if you have any ideas on things that are absolute musts, let me know!

Target, here we come.

(PS: The bump is currently lopsided to the right. Its so funny how he can find a corner in my seemingly round uterus and wedge himself in :))


  1. I'll offer some unsolicited advice, having recently had a super difficult infant myself. :)

    First, I can't say enough great things about our Chicco Keyfit 30 travel system and our Chicco pack n play. We LOVE Chicco and never had a single problem with and of our Chicco gear! The carseat has great safety ratings, and it doesn't hurt that their stuff is some of the better looking stuff out there. ;)

    Things that we absolutely couldn't have (read: wouldn't have wanted to) lived without:

    Kiddopotamus Swaddlers from Babies R Us

    Homedics Sound Spa Lullaby aka "Baby Crack Machine" (we still use this on "rain" every night!)

    LOTS of burp cloths, cloth diapers work the best

    A bath sling. We got one for $5 from Walmart and it works 278635 times better than any of the baby bathtubs. The baby can stay submerged in water, so he's not cold and screaming...yay! :)

    "waffle blankets" I don't know the technical name for these, but they're the thermal, stretchy blankets at Babies R Us. Great for swaddling!

    Diaper Champ. Many love their Diaper Genie, but it takes certain bags, which are EXPENSIVE and must be replaced quite frequently. The Diaper Champ works just as well, and takes normal (cheap) trash bags!

    VIDEO MONITOR. Seems like a useless amenity but we have found it to be somewhat of a necessity. It was so much easier to have him sleep in his own room when you can just peek over on your nightstand and see that he's okay. Plus, since I'm sure he's just days away from trying to escape his crib, it'll be handy for quite a while. :)

    Lots of people like to register for the cute baby clothes and a million pretty blankets, but that is silly, because people will buy you WAY too many of those anyway. Stick to essentials, which it sounds like you are!

    There's my input, which you didn't ask for, lol, but I hope some of it helps!

  2. Oh! I'm with Becca! I have seen her bath sling and it's very functional and doesn't take up a lot of space like a baby bathtub.

    Also, I'm going to need you to register for the white noise machine she mentioned as will help him stay asleep while I shoot him. ;)

  3. Oh yes! That thing is the only way we were able to get naked baby pics while he slept at 7 months!!