Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I should be on MTV.

Yesterday I went to the local branch of the Fort Worth library to apply for a card. (Really awesome, by the way. You can check out up to fifty items and keep them for three weeks! For free!) I was wearing a black sun dress, empire waist, with a jean jacket. I wear a lot of black these days, its supposed to be forgiving. No make-up; that was a mistake.

I trotted/waddled to the circulation counter and smiled at the middled aged woman behind the desk. Let me insert here that it is very obvious that I am pregnant. No hiding it now. She glanced up and asked what she could do to help me. I replied that I wanted to apply for a library card. She looked me up and down, throughly, and asked, "Are you over sixteen?"

Yep. Totally am. Almost eight years over sixteen.

I was very sweet, (read: didn't burst out laughing) and said "Yes ma'am."

Made my day! Except for the fact that I almost peed myself later that night when relaying the story to Chris.

Here is proof that I actually look like I am carrying around a baby and not just a beer belly. Black again!

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  1. its that blonde/blue eyed youthfulness thing, you'll appreciate it in another 20 years when they ask if that "bump" is your little brother