Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Crazy Busy Weekend

This past weekend was loaded with events, activities, and people. My siblings (Hannah, Sarah, Israel, and Samuel) came into town for a Dave Ramsey seminar and to gawk at the belly. Or in Israel's case get totally skeeved out. Its okay buddy, it weirds me out sometimes too:)

They also brought Kyle, Sarah's other half, who might have had to use the same bath towel twice. Sorry, it will be better next time. Promise:)

While the the three oldest siblings were at the seminar, Samuel and I went to watch Chris race at Shape'n'Race, an event hosted by our church. Chris's car did remarkably well. *cough, cough*

Sam took a video, see if you can tell which car we were cheering for.

The night before the race, searching frantically for a better set of wheels. Chris ended up using pieces of an old printer, who knew that all the 'junk' that he insists on keeping would come in handy?
In front of the track. We weren't prepared for such a high tech event:) Chris is a little nervous here; will his little car even make it down once?!
The Competition: Several were made by children who were too young to enter the regular races. The largest car (dark blue, on the left) was made by an eight year old who, and I quote, 'Got to stay up until nine pm polishing it's axels!' As you can see the competition was fierce! See if you can spot Chris's car. Here's a hint, its the only one with a golf ball and gyroscope.
His best time! The track had four lanes so each car went down four times, then an average of the speeds was taken. This was the best time: 4.07 seconds.
On Sunday we drove to Frisco after church for a visit to Ikea. Sarah and Hannah had never been before, and it's one of those places that you have to see to believe! I made it out after only purchasing a duvet cover and a house plant that has been named Kevin. And yes, I realize that I carried my camera around the whole store but only took a picture of the outside of the building and it doesn't even have people in it!
(Please excuse the photo quality in this post. I am related to Sarah Giles, but I am not Sarah Giles. See her awesome work and a post about us here! Butterflychaserphotography.com)


  1. I love Ikea! It's addicting!!

    I also really like Dave Ramsey & we're using his "plan" (or a modified version of it) to get ourselves out of the debt that we stupidly got into back in our college days!

  2. Mkay, I'm going to need a faster update rate than this...;P

  3. I love Dave Ramsey (we were going to do his thing and then they told us to move and that was shot down the drain). I also love IKEA with all my heart (hence the need for Dave Ramsey!!