Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Chris's first baby purchase.

We stopped in at a local consignment shop last week, because I am looking for a frugal deal on a pack'n'play. Of course, while we were there I had to look at the munchkin clothes, who can resist?

In the newborn section Chris found a onesie that resembles a polo. Funny thing is, Chris has one that matches:) He immediately said, " I'm buying this." I didn't object because it was cute and you can't beat ninety-nine cents!

Yes, I realize that a collar and buttons will probably be hard for a newborn to handle, but let's remember that this is Chris's child too...the munchkin will most likely love it and demand a pair of Dockers to go with it.

When Hannah and Sarah visited, they were quizzing Chris about what he will allow a son to wear. Smocked outfits and linen pants are out, apparently the munchkin will only be wearing flannel:) So when I found this shirt on clearance I had to bring it home. (The overalls were just to cute to pass up!)


  1. That flannel shirt has a collar too! *inserts angry eyebrows!*

    I'm not "anti collar" per say, but until they can sit up putting them in collars just obstructs the lower half of their face. Chubby cheeks, smiles, and doubles chins instantly hidden :(

    Ask Chris if something like this is okay for pictures. (I'm going to buy something like this anyway, but I need to know if The Nephew gets to use it.)[]=tags&includes[]=title

  2. I'm going to have to agree with Sarah I suppose. :) Her comment made me go back and look at newborn pics of Jax in collared shirts. See the bottom of this post.

    She's so right! Anyway, super adorable finds and WAY TO GO being all savvy! You can find some amazing stuff at consignment stores!