Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Birthing class number one...

Where can you go and say the words rectum, vagina, urethra, and anus out loud in front of ten people you just met? Natural child birth classes. (Wasn't me, promise. It was the poor man who just happens to be a pastor. We were taking turns reading definitions, and he was lucky number three.)

Last night Chris and I started a twelve week Bradley class. It focuses on a natural birth that is husband coached. Being first time parents and people who generally need deadlines to achieve goals, (read: We do things the night before.) I think that we need a structured class that provides weekly projects and instruction. But its a birthing class, taught in someone who could possibly be a hippie's home, with other couples that we don't know. And it's a birthing class. Can we say potentially awkward situation?!

We both spent the last week lecturing the other about behaving like adults during the sure to be embarrassing moments. Over dinner right before we left Chris even prayed a prayer something like this, only less sacrilegious. " Dear Lord, thank you for this delicious box dinner that my wife prepared, and help the class tonight to go smoothly and for us to have the grace to withstand any possible awkward situations." Yes, I made Hamburger Helper for dinner, sue me. At least it had red meat!

Overall the class went really well. There are four other couples, all due within two months of each other, from the Fort Worth area, and all married for less than three years. Can we say possible new friends for Lydia?! Sweet!

The instructor was totally not a hippie. Health concerned, but not a hippie. Lives in a normal neighborhood, has two little girls, pregnant with her third, and has a master's degree in Women's studies and health. She was very sweet and plans on teaching the class in a very conversational style. The only weird moment was during relaxation, and it wasn't that awkward, just new and potentially humorous if you still have juvenile tendencies. Everyone had brought two pillows and curled up on the floor to work on tension release from specific muscles. Your coach was supposed to massage each area and help you focus on what you were doing. All was good until we got to the gluts. Chris decided then would be the perfect time to start mimicking the instructors voice in my ear. Good thing I had a pillow to smother the snorting laughter.


  1. Yay! I'm so excited you're going to a Bradley class! Good decision kids!

    (I wish I could say the same about what you're feeding my Nephew however...*insert angry eyebrows* Hamburger Helper? Really? And probably meat full of hormones!)

  2. Lets hear it for Bradley classes! YEAH !!! Helps take away the unknowns and allows you to make your own decisions.
    So glad the teacher is current and really doing the same as everyone else in the class.
    Why don't you make everyone a baby gift or enlist your little sister? JUDY~ NOT MICHAEL!~ YOUR MOM! : )P.S. that last part is me. Michael.

  3. Haha so hilarious! You guys sound like a fun couple...I so wish we lived closer!

    Yay for you getting in the birthing classes now! I didn't do Bradley, but was supposed to have 7 classes. I made it to 1, and learned the rest firsthand when I had him 3 days later. :)