Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Half way to 50. Wait, you're only pregnant for 40 weeks, right?

(...a little early, I'm taking a road trip with my niece and sister-in-law tomorrow!)

How Far Along:
25 weeks!
Size of baby: About a pound and a half. Getting pretty chunky.
Total Weight Gain/Loss: 14 pounds. Holding steady, much to my relief.
Maternity Clothes: The pre-pregnancy jeans are biting the dust, even with the belly band. So I am down to four dresses, one pair of shorts, and two tops that fit. But I will not break down and buy more. Not yet. I know maternity clothes have come a long way, but they still aren't the cutest. :(
Gender: Boy! Still nameless at this point. Suggestions?
Movement: He has his good days when he behaves like I think he should, and days where he must sleep 24/7. I am not a fan of those days. And Chris won't let me have even one sip of caffeine to wake him up, darn him.
Food Cravings: None really, but I am missing just eating vegetables. I have been monitoring my protein intake, trying to eat between 80-100 grams a day. What a chore! If I didn't like meat before (totally didn't), I despise it now!
What I miss: Dr. Pepper. And flopping down on my stomach whenever I wanted.
Sleep: Pretty good this week, but I have felt like napping in the afternoons. I only succumbed once, promise.
Symptoms: Fluid retention. Sucks.
Best Moment this week: Seeing the in-laws when they visited this weekend. :) Didn't write about that, did I? Oops!
What I am looking forward to: The pool at our apartment complex opening. I saw the maintenance man cleaning it yesterday, hopefully that means soon!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Birthing class number one...

Where can you go and say the words rectum, vagina, urethra, and anus out loud in front of ten people you just met? Natural child birth classes. (Wasn't me, promise. It was the poor man who just happens to be a pastor. We were taking turns reading definitions, and he was lucky number three.)

Last night Chris and I started a twelve week Bradley class. It focuses on a natural birth that is husband coached. Being first time parents and people who generally need deadlines to achieve goals, (read: We do things the night before.) I think that we need a structured class that provides weekly projects and instruction. But its a birthing class, taught in someone who could possibly be a hippie's home, with other couples that we don't know. And it's a birthing class. Can we say potentially awkward situation?!

We both spent the last week lecturing the other about behaving like adults during the sure to be embarrassing moments. Over dinner right before we left Chris even prayed a prayer something like this, only less sacrilegious. " Dear Lord, thank you for this delicious box dinner that my wife prepared, and help the class tonight to go smoothly and for us to have the grace to withstand any possible awkward situations." Yes, I made Hamburger Helper for dinner, sue me. At least it had red meat!

Overall the class went really well. There are four other couples, all due within two months of each other, from the Fort Worth area, and all married for less than three years. Can we say possible new friends for Lydia?! Sweet!

The instructor was totally not a hippie. Health concerned, but not a hippie. Lives in a normal neighborhood, has two little girls, pregnant with her third, and has a master's degree in Women's studies and health. She was very sweet and plans on teaching the class in a very conversational style. The only weird moment was during relaxation, and it wasn't that awkward, just new and potentially humorous if you still have juvenile tendencies. Everyone had brought two pillows and curled up on the floor to work on tension release from specific muscles. Your coach was supposed to massage each area and help you focus on what you were doing. All was good until we got to the gluts. Chris decided then would be the perfect time to start mimicking the instructors voice in my ear. Good thing I had a pillow to smother the snorting laughter.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Viability Day! So you're telling me there's a chance...

(Name that quote, Michael!)

How Far Along:
24 weeks! The munchkin would have a fifty percent chance of making it! Not that we are planning his arrival anytime soon, but it is nice to know:) (Good grief, he better not show up anytime soon...we are NOT ready!)
Size of baby: Little over a pound, about the size of a pound of butter. Wouldn't Paula Dean be proud?
Total Weight Gain/Loss: 14 pounds. Yikes! I know it's for a good cause, but gee whiz, weighing more than Chris is hard! And he hasn't been making it easier. For the last week he has been doing a regimen of sit-ups/push-ups before bed, because he noticed that his stomach was a little 'poochy'. HIS STOMACH!? Let's make this a contest buddy, I'll beat you any day of the week. Blindfolded and upside down. He also made a reference to a portion of his upper anatomy being similar to Daniel Craig's. Gotcha beat in that department too, rub it in will you?
Maternity Clothes: I prefer to wear pajamas all day, thank you very much. I tried shopping for maternity clothes; epic fail.
Gender: Boy! Still nameless at this point. Suggestions?
Movement: Getting stronger by the day:) And I am beginning to recognize patterns. When he first wakes up (late at night, imagine that!) he moves his feet first, then slowly transitions to full body stretches. Just like Chris!
Food Cravings: Some days I'd just like to break down and have that Dr. Pepper.
What I miss: Dr. Pepper. This kid owes me several.
Sleep: Great while I am asleep. If I wake up *cough, cough Chris's alarm clock*, I'm up for the day. Oh woe is me, I have to keep the same hours as the person bringing in the bacon.
Symptoms: Heartburn, and I'm beginning to notice the additional blood/fluids, definitely a puffier person overall.
Best Moment this week: See above title.
What I am looking forward to: Umm...July 15th?

Next up, the great disappearing belly button!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Chris's first baby purchase.

We stopped in at a local consignment shop last week, because I am looking for a frugal deal on a pack'n'play. Of course, while we were there I had to look at the munchkin clothes, who can resist?

In the newborn section Chris found a onesie that resembles a polo. Funny thing is, Chris has one that matches:) He immediately said, " I'm buying this." I didn't object because it was cute and you can't beat ninety-nine cents!

Yes, I realize that a collar and buttons will probably be hard for a newborn to handle, but let's remember that this is Chris's child too...the munchkin will most likely love it and demand a pair of Dockers to go with it.

When Hannah and Sarah visited, they were quizzing Chris about what he will allow a son to wear. Smocked outfits and linen pants are out, apparently the munchkin will only be wearing flannel:) So when I found this shirt on clearance I had to bring it home. (The overalls were just to cute to pass up!)

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I should be on MTV.

Yesterday I went to the local branch of the Fort Worth library to apply for a card. (Really awesome, by the way. You can check out up to fifty items and keep them for three weeks! For free!) I was wearing a black sun dress, empire waist, with a jean jacket. I wear a lot of black these days, its supposed to be forgiving. No make-up; that was a mistake.

I trotted/waddled to the circulation counter and smiled at the middled aged woman behind the desk. Let me insert here that it is very obvious that I am pregnant. No hiding it now. She glanced up and asked what she could do to help me. I replied that I wanted to apply for a library card. She looked me up and down, throughly, and asked, "Are you over sixteen?"

Yep. Totally am. Almost eight years over sixteen.

I was very sweet, (read: didn't burst out laughing) and said "Yes ma'am."

Made my day! Except for the fact that I almost peed myself later that night when relaying the story to Chris.

Here is proof that I actually look like I am carrying around a baby and not just a beer belly. Black again!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Snow! Again!

It's snowing here...amazing right? Snow, in Texas, in March. Not only that but for the fourth time this year:) I'm hoping for the record breaking inch and a half that we need.

Only last month, we built this:

And for the record, Chris is six feet tall. I'm sure that we won't get anywhere near the twelve inches it took to build this beast, but a nice sprinkling would be nice.

I love all forms of percipitation: snow, sleet, rain, even a light drizzle. Bring it on:) Maybe I can talk Chris into moving to the upper West coast, I hear that rain is a common occurrence there:)

Rainy Saturday

Isn't is nice to be able to sleep in once in a while? Chris is currently still testing out the new pillows I picked up yesterday; I think they are a hit! (Sarah, next time you visit I will have a brand new pillow just for you, okay?)

Today we are planning on completing our baby registries. Gag. Who knew you needed so much stuff for one little person? I have been scouring the internet for ideas of the essentials, and have been completely flabbergasted at what some people considered necessary. Wipe warmers and matching bumper sets aren't must have basics in my opinion. But to each her own. I did find several very helpful mommy bloggers that posted about the items that were needed and those that made life simpler a few months after their baby arrived. By compiling those lists I think I now have a general idea, was able to do some brand research, and checked with consumer reports on the big items. But still the list of little things that we need is a mile long! Good grief!

We are registering at and Target. Amazon, well because I am a sucker for internet shopping and getting a good deal. And Target, because it is ridiculously convenient to our apartment.

Wish us luck and if you have any ideas on things that are absolute musts, let me know!

Target, here we come.

(PS: The bump is currently lopsided to the right. Its so funny how he can find a corner in my seemingly round uterus and wedge himself in :))

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Crazy Busy Weekend

This past weekend was loaded with events, activities, and people. My siblings (Hannah, Sarah, Israel, and Samuel) came into town for a Dave Ramsey seminar and to gawk at the belly. Or in Israel's case get totally skeeved out. Its okay buddy, it weirds me out sometimes too:)

They also brought Kyle, Sarah's other half, who might have had to use the same bath towel twice. Sorry, it will be better next time. Promise:)

While the the three oldest siblings were at the seminar, Samuel and I went to watch Chris race at Shape'n'Race, an event hosted by our church. Chris's car did remarkably well. *cough, cough*

Sam took a video, see if you can tell which car we were cheering for.

The night before the race, searching frantically for a better set of wheels. Chris ended up using pieces of an old printer, who knew that all the 'junk' that he insists on keeping would come in handy?
In front of the track. We weren't prepared for such a high tech event:) Chris is a little nervous here; will his little car even make it down once?!
The Competition: Several were made by children who were too young to enter the regular races. The largest car (dark blue, on the left) was made by an eight year old who, and I quote, 'Got to stay up until nine pm polishing it's axels!' As you can see the competition was fierce! See if you can spot Chris's car. Here's a hint, its the only one with a golf ball and gyroscope.
His best time! The track had four lanes so each car went down four times, then an average of the speeds was taken. This was the best time: 4.07 seconds.
On Sunday we drove to Frisco after church for a visit to Ikea. Sarah and Hannah had never been before, and it's one of those places that you have to see to believe! I made it out after only purchasing a duvet cover and a house plant that has been named Kevin. And yes, I realize that I carried my camera around the whole store but only took a picture of the outside of the building and it doesn't even have people in it!
(Please excuse the photo quality in this post. I am related to Sarah Giles, but I am not Sarah Giles. See her awesome work and a post about us here!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Team Blue!

We're having a boy. And he's super cute:) These feet are currently standing on my bladder, and he is facing out.

Look at that adorable profile! And large brain; he must be related to Chris. The big question is, will the back of his head be flat? Lol:)

Everything on the ultrasound looked great according to the doctor. Healthy baby measuring right on track, weighing in at a little over a pound.

Now, bring on the shopping for little boy clothes!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Team Pink or Team Blue?

How big is Baby? Eleven inches, almost a pound, and the size of a spaghetti squash.
Total weight gain/loss: Ten pounds (ish), but we'll get an exact number tomorrow. Not that I want to know; weighing more than Chris is very difficult for me:)
Maternity clothes? Still using the Bella band with pre-pregnancy jeans, but am rapidly outgrowing everything else I own. I feel a big shopping trip coming up in the near future. *sigh*
Stretch marks? None yet, but the itchiness of stretching skin woke me up last night.
Sleep: Still pretty great.
Best moment this week: Literally exploding. Went from flat to fat overnight--random people now give me the eye and you can tell they are thinking "Is she pregnant? Or does she have a tumor?" Last night we went to Freebirds for dinner and I ordered a Monster (always do), the girl making it asked if Chris and I were going to share. Umm, no. I do not share food. Michael, you would be proud, I ate the whole thing.
Movement: Pretty consistent now. While I was laying on the couch last night, possibly watching American Idol, s/he was jumping all around. My first thought was, " Wow, that burrito is really barking. " But then it hit me, there's a person in there!
Food cravings: Green things, and anything with extra hot sauce.
Gender: Finding out tomorrow!
Labor Signs: No thank you.
Belly Button in or out? In but getting pulled out of shape very quickly. If I arch my back it pops halfway out. Really freaked me out and made Chris laugh. At me, not with me.
What I am looking forward to: Twenty four weeks.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

That took long enough....

Geez Abbey, where did you learn your computer hacking skills? I thought you would have found this days ago!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The symptoms are out to get me

I'm a bit of a worrier. *insert sarcasm about the word bit here* I need to know the details, how the story ends. I only watch romantic comedies and Pixar films for this very reason.
Pregnancy does not help. For the first sixteen weeks I panicked about not getting to proper nutrition, about being too sick, and not getting into the Doctor's office until fourteen weeks. (We were in the process of moving and that was the first available appointment.) When the morning/all day sickness began to fade I didn’t even stop to enjoy it, I was too afraid that my hormone levels were plummeting and the baby didn’t stand a chance. I even talked my husband into not telling our families until we were out of the first trimester. I wanted to wait until the end of the second, you know, just in case. What can I say? I’m a hot mess.
We live two and a half hours away, I still think that we could have pulled off a surprise delivery.
Needless to say, normal pregnancy signs are the best thing ever. Except for the dry heaving in the kitchen sick, morning sickness was a positive affirmation. Dry itchy skin that makes you want to scratch in public? Yes please. Baby bump that moves? SWEET! Sudden affinity for pretzels, which I have never liked? Absolutely.
Which leads us to the newest symptom. Linea nigra. You would think I would rejoice, check it off the list and wait for the next positive sign? Oh no, not this girl. It’s stinking crooked—AAAAAAA! Does this mean that baby Weldy is going to come out off kilter? Walk with a limp? *faints*
Guess what? Ever after all the drama, tears, and meltdowns, we’re still pregnant. Twenty weeks and five whole days. Perhaps God is trying to show me something?
* Booming God voice* CALM THE FREAK DOWN! I’VE GOT THIS.
Because we all know that God uses words like freak. At least when He is talking to me He does, it’s the only way to communicate. 