Thursday, February 25, 2010

Let's start off with a survey, shall we?

How Far Along? 20 weeks. Halfway there!
Total Weight Gained/Loss? It’s a toss-up. According to the doctor’s office, we’re up nine pounds. By my estimation, it’s closer to five, due to a recent/current head cold.
Maternity Clothes: The bella band is wonderful. Why didn’t I know about it before getting pregnant? Muffin tops no more!
Sleep? Like a rock. I should be the spokesperson for Chevy.
Best Moment of the Week? Getting to the halfway point, now to make it to viability.
Movement: Since sixteen weeks.
Food Craving: Green vegetables-brussel sprouts, green beans, cucumbers, and asparagus.
Food aversions: Meat and any form of beans (except green ones). Yuck.
Morning sickness? Has finally subsided. Yipee!
Gender: Gut instinct says boy, so I’m thinking it’s a girl.
Labor Signs: No thank you. Maybe if I’m polite they’ll stay away for the next fifteenish weeks?
Belly Button: Isn’t going anywhere.
What I miss: Surfing the internets on my stomach and Dr. Pepper. Oh, how I miss carbonated, caffeinated beverages that come in twelve ounce cans.
What I'm looking forward to: A healthy outside baby!
Weekly Wisdom: Have a well stocked medicine cabinet that is pregnancy safe. Sending your better half out twice in the middle of the night doesn’t get you very many points.
Milestones: Still pretty happy about reaching five months.

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