Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas 2010 (Part Three)

Also known as: Sarah Pictures!

You can't help but smile when you see this one:) Happy baby!
Who makes the best faces.

Who thinks he's so big. 
Because he is. Look a tooth!
And the night before last (Wednesday), the second one came in! 

Our little family of three:)

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas 2010 (Part Two)

Friday night, Christmas eve, at bedtime we put Otto in his pajamas and drove to my parents. (About 35 minutes away) He napped on the way and was ready to party when we got there. We traditionally open one gift on Christmas Eve, here's Otto opening his! He was surprisingly good at tearing paper:)

He also loved the Christmas tree, both at my parents and at Juan and Lisa's. He normally grabs whatever is in reach and tries to get it into his mouth, but with the trees he just wanted to touch. So cute!
What is this thing?!
I went the homemade route with a lot of gifts this year, but totally got shown up by my little sister. She just turned 14 in November, and stinkin' made all but one of her gifts! Otto and Chris got matching hats, Hannah's cats received crocheted toys that look like mice, and Sam and Michael got these:
Michael and his mo-hawk hat!
Bearded Samuel.
Aren't those just hysterical?! She's crazy skilled, I tell patterns, just looked at a picture and made them.
Israel got several humorous t-shirts to add to his collection, somehow we made it home with the one that says, 'There's nothing to fear except fear itself, and spiders.' So true. Israel, the mighty hunter, abhors spiders. 
Michael was a wee bit excited about opening his stocking. This is probably related to the seventy billion sodas he drank.  
Five/ninths of my family:)
Otto and his Aunt Abbey:)
Most of these photo's I sweet talked out of Sarah because I totally slacked on picture taking. This is the one she sent of herself and Kyle.

Apparently photographers are picky about pictures of themselves?

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas 2010 (Part One)

We had a fantastic Christmas this year! Because our families live relatively close to one another we got to spend a little time with each of them. We celebrated Christmas as a family on Thursday morning before heading to East Texas. Our first stop was Juan and Lisa's (Chris' parents), where we spent the night. Angela and Justin joined us on Friday for presents and delicious food.
Otto got in lots of quality cuddle time and even took reasonable naps, much better than I thought he would. I love this picture, he makes this face all the time! Playing with his new tooth:)
Otto and Aunt Lala
Look at those cheeks!
Aunt Lala brought her iPad, which has a storybook app. Obviously, it was awesome.
Gasp! Justin holding a baby! A baby who likes to munch on everything.

Nana playing Angry Birds; probably my favorite app right now.
Otto absolutely LOVES his Papa. (We all do!)

Juan cooked a terrific meal, which varied from the traditional fare because his high maintenance grandson still can't handle dairy. We had baked chicken with a pear glaze (delicious!), steamed vegetables and potatoes.  Very, very, good. Juan, you are welcome to 'practice' your American fare at my house anytime!

He also taught Justin how to make queso. I eavesdropped because something is always missing when I try to make it, but don't worry, I have the secret now.
My super sweet in-laws, aren't they the cutest?
Lisa (and Juan!) made Otto an awesome toy box. I know he will love playing with it for years to come. I'll get a picture of it tomorrow, it's amazing! 

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Otto is absolutely loving his jumperoo, definitely his toy of choice these days. Sometimes when you are holding/playing with him, he'll turn his head and stare at it. He'll even launch himself at it when you get to close; the boy loves his jumperoo. (Don't worry Mom, he still gets plenty of tummy time too, he would just much prefer to be jumping.)
This morning I told him that his cousin, Addy, had started walking. This was his reaction. (Thanks for posting the video Jackie, it made my morning!)
"She what?! Wow!"
His hair is going nuts these days, what little he has will stand straight up! Maybe it's going to be curly? 
The poor guy has a little cough, which is sad, I hope he's not sick for his first Christmas. We have places to go and people to see! And I know he's excited about it. It's probably why he got up at 5:45 this morning thinking it was time to get up. Christmas morning might come very very early, get ready Michael and Abbey. 
Such a sad little cough, good thing he thinks it's funny:)  (Is he coughing or trying to hail a taxi?)

When he starts making this face we know it time to take him out. :)

PS: I've made a new blog page to post pictures of my problem hobby shopping trips. This way I can keep WeldyWhatnot all Otto all the time, and WeldyWantnot (hilarious, no?) can be all about groceries. My family can chill and stop complaining about 'yet another post without an Otto picture' and if I ever print this blog for his baby book it won't have of the pantry in win!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Baby Legs!

I've been testing out my Christmas gift from Chris, and decided to start with something simple, baby legs! (One four inch seam and I still broke out into a sweat. Abbey, I'm really going to need some lessons.)

Aren't they fun?
Chris says they are a little bit girly, but whatevs. Otto is not going to be wearing them in public and they are perfect for practicing crawling! And I think they are adorable:) 
And so is my baby. Seriously I'm biased to the max, but he's beyond amazing in my eyes!

Practicing his 'Mmmmm' sound.

Then I gave the elephant back to him...poor thing didn't stand a chance.
Chris is also really enjoying the sewing machine. I took a nap on Saturday afternoon and woke up to find him making a seat cover for his truck. No lie. And it looks halfway decent, especially for someone who had never sewn before. I married a man of many talents.

Here he is destructing a canned drink cooler to make a iPod case. Down right crafty, I tell you.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Out for Dinner!

We had dinner at Whataburger tonight thanks to the Twelve Days of Christmas promotion they have going on. Google it! They send you a coupon every other day for a freebie!

Otto got to sit in a big kid seat and people watch:)
'Not in public Dad, you're embarrassing me!'

Chris had a burger...he's not much of a chicken fan. Unless it's cooked by Juan:)
I had chicken, and so did everyone else in the restaurant. Pretty tasty.

And Otto had giraffe. :)

Hope you all had a wonderful day!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Hey Mom! Guess what?!

No cavities! :) :) :)

I had my teeth cleaned today got an A+ on my check-up! *fist pump* Glad the two years in hygiene school are paying off. :) Our dental office is right next to Chris' office and so he came over and watched Otto during my appointment.

I wanted to post the grocery deals I got this week because the sales change tomorrow! (If anyone wants to copy them, today is the day!)

Target for 3.10! I found all these deals on MyDallasMommy, except for the Market Pantry rotel, for that I used the 1.50 catalina that printed after paying last week.

Kroger for 13.19! The cookie mixes were free, and do you see the coupon on the box? It's like they are encouraging my habit. I don't need any encouragement, I have a big enough problem as it is!

In other news, maybe I'll get a life soon and stop being so excited about the seventy billion trips to the grocery store I make. (but I probably won't stop making them...) Chris got me a sewing machine for Christmas, so start looking for 'Look what I made!' posts. (Most likely lopsided curtains and simple seamed tote bags.)

Monday, December 13, 2010

Eek! Has it really been four days?

We've had a fun last few days. Family came to visit (Angela and Justin), we finished moving out of our apartment (don't ask), my Christmas present came in the mail and Chris let me open it, and today OTTO GOT HIS FIRST TOOTH! I cried over the last one. And I have no idea why, I just did.

Something had been off about him all day, I almost thought he was getting sick, so I'm relieved to know the cause. Poor guy, this teething business is hard work! He's been a total grouch, exhausted but fighting naps and bedtime, and a terrible eater. Maybe now that it (sharp little thing!) has broken the surface he will have a little reprieve?

No pictures, I can't get him to stop chewing on everything long enough to prop his mouth open for a picture. Maybe this weekend when Chris is home we'll both gang up on him and get one:)

Angela (Aunt Lala) and her husband Justin spent the night with us on Saturday. I'm so glad they came to see us! Otto loved the extra attention:)

See the fingers? They are in his mouth 98% of the time. The other 2% he's chewing on the coffee table.

PS: On our way to vacuum and do a final check of the apartment we saw a beaver. Like an alive, wild beaver just waddling across the road. In the middle of the city. Weirdness.

PPS: Otto is feeling much better, he took a long nap this afternoon and when Chris got home he perked right up...hmmm, I wonder who his favorite person is?